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*Discover the power of encouragement. God wants you to be encouraged, and He wants you to be an encourager to others.

*It was on March 23, 1945, during one of the last major offensives of WWII. General Dwight Eisenhower was walking near the Rhine River and fell into step beside a young infantryman. The young GI seemed depressed, and Ike asked, "How are you feeling, son?" "General, I'm awful nervous. -- I don't feel so good."

*And Eisenhower replied, "Well, you and I are a good pair then, because I'm nervous too. Maybe if we just walk along together to the river we'll be good for each other."


KERUX ILLUSTRATION COLLECTION - ID Number: 1891 - SOURCE: Reader's Digest - TITLE: The Fine Art Of Encouragement - AUTHOR: Mark Littleton - DATE: 11/1/89)

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