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Glenn Newton avatar
What Difference has Jesus made in your Life?
Shared by: Glenn Newton on Dec, 2016
Summary: When Christ came to Earth, He changed the world. When He comes into our lives, our lives are transformed. The Christmas message is that a huge change has taken place because the King has taken his place.
Scripture: Isaiah 7:14
Denomination: Nazarene
Views: 27
Paul Andrew avatar
Shared by: Paul Andrew on Dec, 2016
Summary: Ajaz tomó la anunciación a la inversa
Denomination: Catholic
Views: 1
Paul Andrew avatar
Advent 4
Shared by: Paul Andrew on Dec, 2016
Summary: Ahaz faces the choice, — God’s plan or his own.
Denomination: Catholic
Views: 14
Jordan Muck avatar
A Baby Changes Everything
Shared by: Jordan Muck on Nov, 2016
Summary: Christmas Series from Isaiah
Series: Immanuel
Scripture: Isaiah 7:1-14
Views: 400
D Marion Clark avatar
Doubting Ahaz
Shared by: D Marion Clark on Sep, 2016
Summary: The problem is not that God will not give a sign, but that we are afraid of seeing one. The implications for how we have been living and how we must live are too unnerving.
Series: Isaiah
Scripture: Isaiah 7:1-12
Denomination: Presbyterian/Reformed
Views: 122
D Marion Clark avatar
Immanuel the Sign
Shared by: D Marion Clark on Sep, 2016
Summary: Matthew, despite the protests of his critics, is right in declaring that this verse was fulfilled by the birth of Jesus.
Series: Isaiah
Scripture: Isaiah 7:13-25
Denomination: Presbyterian/Reformed
Views: 76
Jeffery Anselmi avatar
The Beginning
Shared by: Jeffery Anselmi on Feb, 2016
Summary: The birth Jesus as well as the details of His birth matter. Let's see why as we begin our Easter series.
Series: It Matters
Scripture: Isaiah 7:14
Views: 209
Brian Bill avatar
The Virgin Birth
Shared by: Brian Bill on Dec, 2015
Summary: At the cradle we see that Jesus is with us. At the cross we see that He is for us.
Ed Vasicek avatar
Isaiah Anticipates Christmas
Shared by: Ed Vasicek on Dec, 2015
Summary: Our beliefs extend way back before Jesus was born. Most of the elements and theology of Christmas were prophesied in one form or another by Isaiah 700 years before Jesus was born.
Stephen Sheane avatar
God With Us - Hope
Shared by: Stephen Sheane on Dec, 2015
Summary: We learn from the words of Isaiah to Ahaz that we need to adjust our focus, anchor our faith and anticipate our future.
based on 1 rating
Scripture: Isaiah 7:7-14
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 940
Jeff Strite avatar
Do You Hear What I Hear?
Shared by: Jeff Strite on Dec, 2015
Summary: Why would anyone reject the promise of the Christ child being born of a virgin? Well, many do. Why do they do that? And why is it important that we not only believe this promise, but understand it?
Manny Salva Cruz avatar
Why We Believe in The Virgin Birth
Shared by: Manny Salva Cruz on Dec, 2015
Summary: There are many people who do not believe in the virgin birth anymore because they have been distracted by a lot of things. In this message, we will look at the importance of the virgin birth that first Christmas and how we can conquer our doubts.
Series: Christmas
Scripture: Isaiah 7:14
Denomination: Nazarene
Views: 693
Robert Crowder avatar
The Promise of Immanuel
Shared by: Robert Crowder on Dec, 2015
Summary: God gives a great promise of the Messiah to a wicked king of Judah. Within the promise to protect Judah is a prophecy that says; "Behold, the virgin shall be with child, and bear a Son, and they shall call His name Immanuel.
Bob Faulkner avatar
Strange twists of the Jesus story by "Gabriel."
Shared by: Bob Faulkner on Aug, 2015
Summary: Muhammad started with the truth, so as to make it familiar to Christians of the day, then twisted it, added to it, subtracted from it.
Rodney Johnson avatar
Why Jesus Part 1
Shared by: Rodney Johnson on Mar, 2015
Summary: This series focuses on why Jesus is the Messiah based on His fulfillment of Old Testament prophecies.
Series: Why Jesus
Wade M. Hughes, Sr avatar
Shared by: Wade M. Hughes, Sr on Dec, 2014
Summary: We long to have someone to be WITH US. God so loved us that He promised to be WITH US...
based on 2 ratings
Scripture: Isaiah 7:14
Denomination: Assembly Of God
Views: 1,739
Paul Norwood avatar
A Godly Mother
Shared by: Paul Norwood on May, 2014
Summary: Mother's Day sermon on what God expects of mothers.
Scripture: Isaiah 7:10-15
Views: 1,621
Samuel Fulkerson avatar
Mother Mary
Shared by: Samuel Fulkerson on May, 2014
Summary: God used the devils own weapons against him to deliver all mankind.
based on 1 rating
Scripture: Isaiah 7:14
Denomination: Pentecostal
Views: 364
Chuck Sligh avatar
Immanuel, God With Us
Shared by: Chuck Sligh on Dec, 2013
Summary: This is a Bible study suitable for a Sunday School class or small group examining the meaning of the name "Immanuel."
Scripture: Isaiah 7:14
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 639
Ken Henson avatar
Christmas Message Isaiah 7:10-14 & Matthew 1:23
Shared by: Ken Henson on Dec, 2013
Summary: God takes a curse and turns it into a blessing. The prophecy a virgin would bring forth a son expressed God's displeasure with Ahab, yet God took that warning to Ahab and used it as a blessing to us. God, even today, turns our curses to blessings.
Christopher Holdsworth avatar
Behold, A Virgin Shall Conceive
Shared by: Christopher Holdsworth on Dec, 2013
Summary: Thankfully, the LORD does offer second chances...
Series: A. Advent 4
based on 7 ratings
Scripture: Isaiah 7:10-16
Views: 722
Billy  Ricks avatar
The Promise of Christmas: Salvation
Shared by: Billy Ricks on Dec, 2012
Summary: During a time of great pressure during Ahaz reign over Judah God promised a sign of deliverance. That sign has its ultimate fulfillment in Jesus Christ. Jesus is the Christmas promise. Immanuel, God with us.
Series: Christmas
Scripture: Isaiah 7:1-14
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 553
J Jeffrey  Smead avatar
O’ Little Town Of Bethlehem
Shared by: J Jeffrey Smead on Dec, 2012
Summary: In forty brief words, Micah tells the story of a very special town. Though his words may be brief, they contain a wealth of spiritual truth. The Story Of Bethlehem is a special story that needs to be told and retold. Especially in these days.
John Phillip R. Pesebre avatar
Immanuel: The Right Choice
Shared by: John Phillip R. Pesebre on Dec, 2012
Summary: As Isaiah reminds Ahaz to believe in God’s security we are also reminded by the Christmas season to trust in the Immanuel.
based on 10 ratings
Scripture: Isaiah 7:14
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 13,223
Rick Boyne avatar
O Come, O Come Emmanuel
Shared by: Rick Boyne on Jul, 2012
Summary: God is with us.
based on 2 ratings
Scripture: Isaiah 7:14
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 1,003
W Pat Cunningham avatar
The Word was Made Flesh
Shared by: W Pat Cunningham on Mar, 2012
Summary: What do the first two principles of biblical interpretation teach us about the Annunciation story?
Scripture: Isaiah 7:10-14
Denomination: Catholic
Views: 416
Paul Barreca avatar
Immanuel - God is With Us
Shared by: Paul Barreca on Dec, 2011
Summary: The name Immanuel means “God is with us.” It is one of the most precious and familiar names of the Savior. It brings comfort and hope and reminds us that God has not forsaken you. This sermon examines the historical setting behind this name.
based on 1 rating
Scripture: Isaiah 7:1-14
Views: 1,070
Andrew Moffatt avatar
The sign will be!
Shared by: Andrew Moffatt on Dec, 2011
Summary: Isaiah, fore told the coming of one born of a virgin, his name was to be God with us!
Scripture: Isaiah 7:13-14
Denomination: Salvation Army
Views: 495
Jonathan McLeod avatar
The Promise of Immanuel
Shared by: Jonathan McLeod on Dec, 2011
Summary: In every circumstance of life, God is with us.
based on 1 rating
Scripture: Isaiah 7:14
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 1,864
Jerry Watts avatar
The Miracle of Christmas
Shared by: Jerry Watts on Dec, 2011
Summary: Every part of the Christmas story reveals a miracle. This message speaks to how the miracle impacts us.
Scripture: Isaiah 7:14
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 1,958