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More than one hundred and thirty years ago, God called a man named John Williams to go to the South Pacific Island of Aramonda as a missionary. John Williams, and his friend Mr. Harris, set sail one day to take the Gospel message to a cannibalistic tribe that had never heard about Jesus Christ as Savior. Upon landing, the tribal chief drew a line in the sand and said to the men, “You cross that line and you will die.” Together, both men crossed the line, and that night they were slain and eaten by the people of the island.

It was some time later before the news of their deaths reached their home church back in Spain in the year 1870. The call of God was then answered by George and Ellen Gordon who went to the same island and met the same fate.

A single man, named James McNair, was the next from that church to answer the call of God. Before darkness of the day of his arrival, he saw seven men accept Jesus as Savior before others slew him also.

By the year 1872, word reached the home church, and James Gordon, the brother of George Gordon, was the next to answer the call of God. He too began to work among the tribesmen but soon was killed like the others.

The mother of George and James Gordon went to church early on Sunday after hearing about the death of her second son. Others gathered around the altar where the lone mother had been praying and weeping. Then she said to them, “I am not weeping for my sons who have died, although I feel much sorrow for their loss, but I am weeping that I do not have another son to give.” She wept not for the loss of her sons, but for the lostness of the world.

In 1985, the first missionaries of the Assemblies of God were sent to the island of Aramonda. Today, more than one hundred and thirty years after the arrival of the first missionaries, there is a thriving church. Many former cannibals are now finding Jesus as their personal Savior because others paid the ultimate price earlier.

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