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Ron Ferguson
Cairns, QLD 4878

About Ron
  • Education: Retired from teaching in education
  • Experience: Saved about the age of 10 or 11 and baptised at 16. In my late teens was speaking publicly and began the study of prophecy in detail and the prophetic books of the bible. From that time on I have taken bible studies, in-depth ones mainly right up to the present where I am conducting a detailed verse by verse study in Revelation. I have spoken in churches over the years with sermons, messages and seminars. Been invited to England three time to minister there. I love photography - landscape, travel, light etc. I have a very extensive collection of tropical rainforest fungi photos (macro photography) numbering many, many tens of thousands. Love also tropical fruit trees and lawn bowls. I write Christian poems extensively some of which are on ChristArt. These poems now exceed 90 000 words. I write much on current events and on subjects in eschatology. Some of these are on RaptureReady, a site I write for.
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