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Gary Stebbins avatar
Standing in the Crowd?
Shared by: Gary Stebbins on Nov, 2009
Summary: Joshua pointed the way so tohers could live victoriously in the land God promised them. Should we not also do the same?
based on 1 rating
Scripture: Joshua 3:1-5
Denomination: Charismatic
Views: 611
Ricky Johnson avatar
Destined to Fish
Shared by: Ricky Johnson on Jan, 2009
Summary: How active are we in our search for the destiny which we are being called into? Simon, Andrew, James & John immediately followed their destiny.
John Harper avatar
The Dedication of Faith
Shared by: John Harper on Feb, 2009
Summary: As we obey God’s Word in faith we must embrace our destiny. To embrace your destiny means to deny yourself and follow Jesus.
based on 7 ratings
Scripture: Hebrews 11:23-29
Denomination: Pentecostal
Views: 1,158
Joe Hayes avatar
Destiny Intro
Shared by: Joe Hayes on Jul, 2009
Summary: Whats it all about? Is there a point to life? Whats is the meaning to Life? Destiny. you can also listen at www.preaching.co.nr
based on 2 ratings
Scripture: 1 Peter 1:12
Denomination: Assembly Of God
Views: 918
Daniel Olukoya avatar
Shared by: Daniel Olukoya on Apr, 2009
Summary: The Bible makes us to understand that the spiritual existed first before the physical. Once you understand this principle, many things become clear. The Bible also makes us to understand that things like bondage, freedom, power, anointing, etc. are spirit
based on 11 ratings
Scripture: Ezekiel 13:18-19
Denomination: Pentecostal
Views: 8,394
Jerry Falwell avatar
Ten Things I See in '99
Shared by: Jerry Falwell on Sep, 2009
Summary: Ten things to look forward to in the coming year, as the new Millennium draws closer.
based on 1 rating
Scripture: Mark 13:32
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 458
Shared by: MELVIN NEWLAND on Oct, 2001
Summary: With all my heart I believe we are a people & a nation that have truly been blessed by God. And of all those who "give thanks to Him and praise His name" our name should be at the top of the list! (PowerPoints Available - #283)
John Perry avatar
Unintended destinations
Shared by: John Perry on Oct, 2011
Summary: There are going to be many of God's people who at the end of their lives end up at an unintended destination. The devil's number 1 job apart from hell is to have you end up at a destination you never intended to arrive at.
based on 2 ratings
Scripture: Judges 13:3-16:22
Denomination: Pentecostal
Views: 2,272
Donald McCulley avatar
Shared by: Donald McCulley on Dec, 2011
Summary: How to live 365 days a year.
based on 1 rating
Scripture: Ecclesiastes 9:1-18
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 691
Jason Bonnicksen avatar
Born For Greatness
Shared by: Jason Bonnicksen on May, 2011
Summary: Examining the life of Joseph, and the reasons God chose him to be born for greatness. For, like Joseph, we've each been born to carry out a great mission from God
based on 1 rating
Scripture: Genesis 45:3-11
Denomination: Lutheran
Views: 2,724
Guard Duty
Shared by: MELVIN MAUGHMER, JR. on May, 2011
Summary: The devil will do everything in his power to assassinate you and keep you from reaching that expected end (Destiny). He wants to assassinate you. You must guard your heart from the attack of the enemy.
based on 13 ratings
Scripture: Proverbs 4:23
Denomination: Apostolic
Views: 6,398
Michael Walther avatar
Shared by: Michael Walther on Jun, 2011
Summary: The doctrine of predestination and the comfort that it gives to believers
Scripture: John 17:2
Denomination: Lutheran
Views: 817
Larry Semore avatar
The Spirit of Expectancy - Part 1
Shared by: Larry Semore on Jun, 2011
Summary: This is a part 1 of a powerful series dealing with a human heart and developing a sense of expectation concerning the destiny of God in our lives.
based on 8 ratings
Scripture: Jeremiah 29:11
Denomination: Church Of God
Views: 5,000
Larry Semore avatar
The Spirit of Expectancy - Part 3 - Caleb
Shared by: Larry Semore on Jun, 2011
Summary: This is the third and final sermon in the series and the most powerful. It was lengthy and had to be broken into two parts to get it properly preached, especially as it motivated me to follow several "rabit trails" and really impacted people's lives.
based on 8 ratings
Scripture: Jeremiah 29:11
Denomination: Church Of God
Views: 4,948
daniel cabrera avatar
Colliding With Our Destiny
Shared by: daniel cabrera on Mar, 2011
Summary: Discover How to align ourselves with our destiny, in order to collide.
Scripture: Ecclesiastes 10:7
Denomination: Christian Church
Views: 1,253
Ronald Crandall avatar
Ordinary Man hey...Extra-Ordinary God Part 1
Shared by: Ronald Crandall on Mar, 2011
Summary: We all have felt ordinary, second rate...But how does God see us and is there really a plan for my life?
Scripture: Jeremiah 29:11-13
Denomination: Pentecostal
Views: 663
Steve Ely avatar
Reverse - Pt. 4 - Your Reverse?
Shared by: Steve Ely on Apr, 2011
Summary: Taken down. Shoulders on the mat. No way of escape seems available. Could it be that God is setting up reverse instead?
Series: Reverse
based on 2 ratings
Scripture: Esther 7:1-10
Denomination: Pentecostal
Views: 1,056
Jeff Ecklund avatar
A Spiritual House
Shared by: Jeff Ecklund on Jul, 2011
Summary: Second in a series of addressing the believers purpose into being part of something larger in God's purpose for us.
Dan Carroll avatar
Your Life is Designed for Destiny - Exodus Part 2
Shared by: Dan Carroll on Jul, 2011
Summary: An explanation of the second chapter of Exodus, showing Moses as a product of faith and destiny.
Series: Exodus
Scripture: Exodus 2:1-10
Views: 791
Dan Carroll avatar
Finding Your Identity in the Desert - Exodus Part 3
Shared by: Dan Carroll on Jul, 2011
Summary: An examination of the second chapter of Exodus where God builds Moses into a mighty man with solitude, the desert, and a perfect plan.
Series: Exodus
Scripture: Exodus 2:11-25
Views: 1,138
Dan Carroll avatar
Taking Hold of His Promises and Destiny - Exodus Part 20
Shared by: Dan Carroll on Jul, 2011
Summary: A sermon on how to redeem the promises of God for the fulfillment of your destiny.
Series: Exodus
based on 3 ratings
Scripture: Exodus 23:1-33
Views: 2,032
Pastor/Revivalist Terry Sisney avatar
Hold onto your word
Shared by: Pastor/Revivalist Terry Sisney on Aug, 2011
Summary: The most powerful thing you have in your life is the word of God, the devils main objective is to strip the word of God out of your life. (Hold onto your word) it makes you unsinkable.
based on 209 ratings
Scripture: Luke 8:22-25
Denomination: Pentecostal
Views: 81,401
Chris Jordan avatar
Esther: For Such a Time as This
Shared by: Chris Jordan on Aug, 2011
Summary: God has called YOU to the Kingdom of God for such a time as this. What is He calling you to do that might involve you getting out of your comfort zone?
based on 7 ratings
Scripture: Esther 1:1-4:16
Denomination: Foursquare
Views: 3,746
Larry Kettle avatar
The Wounded Identity
Shared by: Larry Kettle on Sep, 2011
Summary: Jesus carries wounds in heaven so that we can show his healing power on earth.
based on 1 rating
Scripture: Isaiah 53:1-12
Denomination: Pentecostal
Views: 840
Kevin Taylor avatar
Chasing Destiny
Shared by: Kevin Taylor on Sep, 2011
Summary: Saul thought he was just chasing donkeys. What he was about to discover was his real destiny.
based on 2 ratings
Scripture: 1 Samuel 9:2-20
Denomination: Church Of God
Views: 4,635
Byron Sherman avatar
Shared by: Byron Sherman on Aug, 2002
Summary: Jesus encountered a demoniac in the country of the Gerasenes/Gadarenes. Demons in close association with people leave their mark upon humanity. What is the legacy of demonic influence? ...of demons in close association with people? Part 3 of a 3-part ser
based on 8 ratings
Scripture: Luke 8:26-39
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 434
Maurice McCarthy avatar
Why Didn’t My Mountain Move part 1
Shared by: Maurice McCarthy on Mar, 2005
Summary: Some mountains in life are to be climbed, some are to be conquered, some are to be commanded, and some are cordoned off.
based on 80 ratings
Denomination: Pentecostal
Views: 8,598
William D. Brown avatar
Shared by: William D. Brown on Mar, 2008
Summary: FOOLISH SPEAKING is to make remarks in a negative manner about the works of God.
based on 1 rating
Scripture: Job 2:1-10
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 481
Chris Jordan avatar
Discovering Your Destiny
Shared by: Chris Jordan on Apr, 2008
Summary: God desires that every one of His children would discover their destiny – the good plans that He has for their lives. The starting point for this is a God encounter where we hear His call, and respond with faith and obedience.
based on 14 ratings
Scripture: Jeremiah 29:11
Denomination: Foursquare
Views: 6,789
Dan Thompkins avatar
A Passion For Souls
Shared by: Dan Thompkins on Jan, 2008
Summary: We must come to recognize that not everyone is saved and millions are on the edge of everlasting damnation!
based on 10 ratings
Scripture: Matthew 9:36-38
Denomination: Pentecostal
Views: 3,555