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  • The All-Sufficient Christ

    Contributed by James May on May 24, 2004
    based on 41 ratings

    Christ is all we need to meet our need, regardless of the circumstances and even when it seems impossible.

    The All-Sufficient Christ by Rev. James May Mark 5:21-43 One of the most troubling things that we hear every day is sound of sirens from police cars, fire engines and ambulances as they speed down the highway. We know that somewhere, someone is in trouble. I find myself often whispering a more

  • Preaching Jesus

    Contributed by David Parks on Jun 4, 2004
    based on 3 ratings

    I studied with a young female university student whose Grandmother was practicing black arts and had claimed to steal away her image in water. She had been sick lately (not surprising that far north) and wondered if her Grandmother was cursing her. This b

    Preaching Jesus Christ TEXT: Acts 8:21-36 INTRODUCTION:1. One of the arguments for the existence of God is the worshipping nature of man. 2. I have often made the argument that man has never found the remains an atheistic society. 3. There seems to be something in man that says there is more more

  • With Christ In The School Of Ministry

    Contributed by Lou Bartet on Jun 14, 2004
    based on 30 ratings

    Not everyone is called to the mud-in-the-eye ministry, but if you are then you’ll be a miserable failure trying to do anything else. John 9 offers us an opportunity to spend time with Jesus in the school of ministry.

    TITLE: With Christ In The School of Ministry TEXT: John 9 SCRIBE: Louis Bartet DATE: 6/13/04 PLACE: Point Assembly of God The disciples must have been feeling overly spiritual that day, for as they passed the blind beggar they offered Jesus an observation framed in the form of a more

  • Healing

    Contributed by Tim Zingale on Jun 14, 2004
    based on 126 ratings

    A sermon for the 3rd Sunday after Petecost Proper 7 Jesus heals a man of demons

    3rd Sunday after Pentecost Proper 7 Luke 8:26-39 "Healing"    "Then they arrived at the country of the Gerasenes, which is opposite Galilee. And as he stepped out on land, there met him a man from the city who had demons; for a long time he had worn no clothes, and he lived not in a more

  • The Touchstone (Or "Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing")

    Contributed by Larry Brincefield on Jun 18, 2004
    based on 41 ratings

    A touchstone is a stone that tests the quality of gold and silver. Jesus is our Touchstone. He is the Genuine Article. He’s The Real Thing.

    Sermon Preached by Pastor Larry C. Brincefield on June 6th. Title: The Touchstone (or, “Ain’t Nothin’ like the real thing, baby” Text: Mark 7:31-37 Introduction 1. A touchstone is a hard, black stone,… • It is used to test the quality of gold or silver… • When gold or silver is rubbed more

  • The Healer Series

    Contributed by Guy Caley on Nov 16, 2004
    based on 25 ratings

    2d in series "Miracles in Matthew." Looks at Jesus identity as the Healer.

    In the morning of November 30th 2001, Daniel Ekechukwu, the pastor of the Power Chapel Evangelical Church in Onitsha, with his friend Kingsley took a Christmas present of a goat to his father in a village near the town of Owerri. Daniel drove his 20-year-old Mercedes. On the way back home, more

  • Master Of Everything Series

    Contributed by Guy Caley on Nov 16, 2004
    based on 36 ratings

    3rd in series "Miracles in Matthew." Looks at whay we doubt the Lord in crises and why we don’t need to doubt.

    Introduction: 1. A storm at sea. There is nothing else that so vividly potrays a picture of helplessness. A tiny boat on the open water tossed by the waves, defenseless. 2. It makes a perfect metaphor for the difficulties that we all face in life--situations beyond our control, unpredictable, more

  • Reversing The Curse Series

    Contributed by Guy Caley on Nov 16, 2004
    based on 30 ratings

    4th in the series "Miracles in Matthew." Jesus heals our whole self--heart, mind, body--to reverse the effects of sin’s curse. Concludes with communion meditation.

    Introduction: In 1990 a 32 year old psychiatric patient rushed through the Rijks Museum in Amsterdam until he reached Rembrandt’s famous painting "Nightwatch." Then he took out a Squirt Gun filled with acid and sprayed it all over the masterpiece before he could be stopped. But what did more

  • Reaching For A Miracle Series

    Contributed by Guy Caley on Nov 16, 2004
    based on 36 ratings

    5th in series "Miracles in Matthew." Jairus Daughter and the Woman with a blood disorder illustrate how we must reach out in faith for a miracle.

    A man fell off a cliff, but managed to grab a tree limb on the way down. The following conversation ensued: "Is anyone up there?" "I am here. I am the Lord. Do you believe me?" "Yes, Lord, I believe. I really believe, but I can’t hang on much longer." "That’s all right, if you really more

  • Do You Believe? Series

    Contributed by Guy Caley on Nov 16, 2004
    based on 43 ratings

    6th in series "Miracles in Matthew." The healing of the two blind men serves as an example of how to bring our needs to the Lord.

    This miracle story is about as straightforward as it gets, so I’d like to use it as a guide for us this morning as we think about how to bring our requests before the Lord. We begin with… The Request itself 27As Jesus went on from there, two blind men followed him, calling out, "Have mercy more

  • The Makings Of A Miracle Series

    Contributed by Guy Caley on Nov 16, 2004
    based on 51 ratings

    7th in the series "Miracles in Matthew." The feeding of the multitude teaches us how we can be a part of God’s miraculous work.

    Intro Hattie May Wiatt lived near a church where the Sunday School was very crowded, one day the pastor, Russel Conwell found her crying outside the building because there was no room inside and he told her that one day when they had raised enough money they would have buildings big enough to more

  • He Is The Healer Of Spiritual Blindness Series

    Contributed by Don Jaques on Nov 16, 2004
    based on 31 ratings

    All people are spiritually blind by nature but can be given sight by believing in Jesus.

    Who Is This Jesus? 9. He is the Healer of Spiritual Blindness John 9 November 6/7, 2004 Don Jaques MAIN IDEA: • All people are spiritually blind by nature but can be given sight by believing in Jesus. INTRO: Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson went on a camping trip. After a good meal, more

  • "Great Expectations"

    Contributed by Clark Tanner on Sep 1, 2004
    based on 43 ratings

    Are your expectations of Jesus set too high? Or too low? Do you want Him to fix your little owies; or exercise resurrection power?

    “Martha therefore said to Jesus, ‘Lord, if You had been here, my brother would not have died’.” Lazarus was dead and everyone was confused except Jesus. We’re not told all that went through the minds of the disciples during the two days Jesus delayed after hearing the news that His more

  • Three "Forths" Of The Battle - [withered Hand]

    Contributed by Jerry Shirley on Mar 18, 2005
    based on 101 ratings

    Jesus said STAND FORTH, then STRETCH FORTH, and finally, SEND FORTH! Powerpoint at website.

    Three “Forths” of the Battle Mark 3:1-14 Free Powerpoint at: Welcome to our Palm Sunday service! [introduce message] Today we look at the man with the withered [shriveled] hand. It was likely a paralysis issue of pinched nerves/cut off blood flow. more

  • The Miracle

    Contributed by Nate Barbour on Feb 8, 2005
    based on 13 ratings

    Learn how to position yourself to receive a miracle from God in this inspiring message.

    The Miracle Positioning Yourself To Receive From God 3/10/04 I. Introduction A friend of mine was sitting in the living room one day when his cat dragged in a little “gift” in its mouth—a dead animal of some sort. Taking a closer look, he was dismayed to recognize the dead animal to be a more