Summary: With all the confusion about what to follow these days, we have a Friend, a Redeemer, HE is Jesus and HE still is relevant today

He Is

Col 1:15-23

Using market research and focus groups a certain congregation/denomination has designed weekly services that deliberately de-emphasize Jesus Christ. One of the founders of the congregation has said, “The sad fact is the name of Jesus Christ has become for many people exclusionary.

” Using Hindu and Zen, intermingled with a few verses from the Bible and recorded music by Willie Nelson, the leader of this group is quoted as saying, “We’re enabling people to discover God themselves, maybe through Jesus, maybe through Buddha, maybe through any number of ways.”

Most of us are appalled by this defamation of Christianity, and we should be. But before we come down too hard on them, I want to address a very dangerous and deadly disease running rampant in the evangelical church today. At first glance it seems pretty harmless but its spores can infect an entire community. No, I’m not talking about anthrax. I call this malady the virus of practicality and I’ve been guilty of spreading it. Here’s how it works.

Instead of calling people to faith, repentance and submission to the supremacy of Christ, many of us tell people that Jesus wants to give them a happy marriage or a stress-free life. While Jesus will certainly change our lives, our marriages, and our stress levels when we bow before His preeminence, we must move away from “What Jesus can do for me” to “Am I living in light of His lordship?” We don’t simply “add” Jesus to our lives; we adore Him with our lives through our obedience.

That brings us to our text today in the Book of Colossians. Much of the false teaching taking place in Colosse had to do with the minimizing of Jesus. Many people thought He was important but not essential. They had given Him a place in their lives, without recognizing that He demands first place. Jesus was prominent to them, but certainly not preeminent.


1. The Image of the Invisible GOD, Firstborn over all Creation. V15

a. Jesus said “When you have seen me you have seen the Father

b. His life showed the unconditional love of the Father

c. Through HIM we see and have access to the Father

2. He is the Creator of all things V16

a. In the Beginning GOD created (made from nothing) the heavens and the earth.

b. Laminine: He Holds all things together

3. He Is the Head of the Church v18

a. He Holds the highest office

b. We are here for HIM

c. His ways are higher than ours, and his thoughts are higher than ours

d. Therefore we follow HIM

4. He is Reconciler:

a. He brings everything together

b. He unalienated us through His sacrifice.

c. He presents us unblemished, free from accusation v22

d. He is our advocate

5. Therefore we must FOLLOW HIM

a. Continue in the FAITH

b. Hold on to the HOPE

c. Working in His LOVE

He is

In the Book of:

Genesis he is the breath of life

Exodus he is the Passover lamb

Leviticus the Great High priest

Numbers the fire by night

Duet. Moses voice

Joshua he is salvations choice

Judges he is the giver of the law

Ruth he is the kinsman redeemer coming to claim his own

1 & 2 Sam he is the Prophet that is true


Kings and Chronicles he is forever Sovereign

Ezra he is the true and faithful scribe

Nehemiah he is the rebuilder of broken walls and lives

Esther he is Mordecai’s courage

Job he is the timeless redeemer

Psalms he is the Morning Star

Proverbs he is wisdoms cry

Eccl. he is time and the season

Song of Songs he is the lovers dream

Isaiah he is the Prince of Peace

Jeremiah he is the Prophet who weeps

Lamentations he is the cry for Israel

Ezekiel he is the call from sin

Daniel he the stranger in the fire


Hosea he is forever faithful

Joel he is the spirits power

Amos he is the arms that carry us

Obadiah he is the Lord coming in Judgment

Jonah he is the God of the second chance

Micah he is the promise of peace

Nahum he is our strength and our shield

Habakkuk and Zephaniah he is pleading for revival

Zechariah he is our living fountain

Malachi he is son of righteousness risen with healing in his wings

The Gospels he is God, man, Messiah and the Word

Romans he is the Grace of God

Corinthians he is the power of love

Galatians he is freedom from the law

Eph. he is our Glorious treasure

Philippians he is the servants heart

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