Sermon Series
  • 1. Name Of God

    Contributed on Nov 14, 2016

    The name of God gives plenty of blessings. Go through the sermon and enjoy the blessings.

    Because of your Name Ps 143:11 1. Forgive me. Ps 25:11 & Ps 79:9 For the sake of your name please forgive my sins. God is great in forgiveness, he is merciful God, he is loving God. (Is 43:25). I blot out for my own sake. I swept away your offenses (Is 44:22). Confess and get forgiven (I Jn. more

  • 2. He Is Our God

    Contributed on Nov 14, 2016

    Jesus is our God in all situations. He can carry us through everything.

    “Our God” Ps 115 1. Characteristics of True God v.1-3 He is the God of Heavens. The creator of everything, he created the high above, deep down, all trees, animals, all human beings. He does whatever he wants to do. He is the God of love and faithfulness, brings glory to His more

  • 3. Name Of God Is Fortress

    Contributed on Nov 14, 2016

    The name of God is a Fortress to live safely. Always be under the wings of God.

    Name of God Ex 20:7 & Pr 18:10 Fortress: Latin Fortis ("strong") and facere ("to make"). Any place of exceptional security; stronghold. A fortified place, especially a large, permanent military stronghold that often includes a town. 1. Cities of Refuge. Jos. 20:2 Dt. more

  • 4. Emmanuel

    Contributed on Dec 1, 2018

    The LORD was called by many names. Three important names are YHWH, EL and Elohim. Jesus was called Emmanuel after he was born on earth. This sermon takes you to the greater level of spiritual upliftment by knowing the greatness of the Name Emmanuel

    Mathew 1:23 Immanuel or Emmanuel The Hebrew word means “With us (is) God”. The word first found in Is.7:14 and 8:8. The word "behold!" used by Isaiah was a call to raise the eyebrows and fix attention to see something wonderful and extraordinary called a "sign", wonder, or more

  • 5. Jesus Is Immanuel

    Contributed on Dec 6, 2021

    Situations, circumstances should not decide our stand. Our faith and trust in God must be beyond the circumstance and threats. The one who is with is greater, mightier than the one in the world. He is great and might.

    Theme: Jesus is Emmanuel Text: Matthew 1:18-25 Introduction This Prince of Bethlehem is also called Immanuel (Matthew 1:18-24). He is the Miracle worker (Luke 1:26-38), Holy one (Luke 1:46-55), Embodiment of grace(John 1:1-14), Source of Salvation (Luke 1:67-80), Saviour of the World (Luke more