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The fact is, if Jesus Christ died on the cross and did not rise again from the dead, everything we live for and believe as Christians means absolutely nothing, Ill. 1 Cor. 15:12-20.

1. v.13 Christ Is Not Risen

a. He died in vain, Rom. 4:24; 5:10

b. He lied, Mt. 16:21; 12:40

c. He had no power to save then, and He cannot save anyone today!

2. v. 14 Our Preaching Is A Waste Of Time - (Ill. A big lie!) (We can help no one, all will go to hell!)

3. v. 14 Our Faith Is Foolish - All we do, our praying, studying, witnessing, working, hoping, holiness, praising is a waste of time!

4. v. 15 All Christians Are Liars - Our testimony is false, we are mentally deranged!

5. v. 17 We Are All Lost In Our Sins -Rom. 10:9; 5:10 Ill. Heb. 7:25 A dead Savior can save no one!

6. v. 18 Our Departed Loved Ones Are Gone Forever - They are all dead and in the ground, or in Hell today!

7. v. 19 We Are To Be Pitied - We are all...

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