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In the movie, Brokendown Palace, Alice (Blonde played by Claire Danes) convinces her best friend, Darlene (Brunette played by Kate Beckinsale) to go to Bangkok to celebrate their high school graduation. There an attractive Australian man befriends them and persuades them to join him in Hong Kong. While waiting to board the plane, they are arrested for heroin smuggling and sentenced to 33 years in a hideous prison known as Brokendown Palace. Every effort to be freed and go home has utterly failed.

In our clip the girls’ lawyer made a deal with the prosecutor—if the girls signed an admission of guilt, the judge would let them go home. But before the ink dries on the paper, a court official announces that drug smugglers will not be pardoned.[32] Watch the sacrifice Alice makes for her friend, Darlene, and see how it illustrates substitution.

Show Ch. 11 (0:57:06) to Ch. 12 (0:59:56)[33]

I ask you this morning to put yourself in Darlene’s place. How would you feel about a person who would...

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