Summary: Just regularly attending a christian church is not a "ticket" to heaven!

Let us continue to worship our Lord by learning again from the Letter to the Hebrews, Chapter 10………. Let us note again that the Letter to the Hebrews was written to a Christian Church which had mostly Jewish attenders. Read along with me Hebrews 10:26-39

It is important for us to remember again that Scriptures must be interpreted in context. We have noted that the audience of this Letter have been warned over and over again not to go back to the old rituals of the Old Covenant, especially still depending on human priests making sacrifices for sins! Look again with me Hebrews 10:1…. 11-14….. The sacrifices made through the Old Testament were only a shadow of the reality of the one time for all sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

And so, we are to interpret Scriptures with Scriptures by noting the context of a passage. Based on context, Hebrews 10:26-31 is about the ultimate warning for people still refusing to live under the salvation and lordship of Jesus Christ!

v26-31: Anyone who has heard the truth of the New Covenant through Christ but still practices the rituals and sacrifices of the Old Covenant will be judged by God forever!

Remember the audience of the letter are in a Christian church; i.e. there were people in the church who were still lost!

And so, 2 possibilities of who were lost in that Hebrew Christian Church:

1. There were people faking to be Christians.

2. There were people leaning towards Christ but eventually went back to Judaism.

The letter was written to warn everyone in the church but also to teach those who truly desired to be closer to God. The majority of the people in that church the letter was sent to were Believers of Jesus Christ. And so, the remainder of Hebrews 10 focused on True Christians.

Before we note what is in v32-34, let’s briefly relate to those Hebrew Christians; what type of struggles have you had or still having as you stand for your belief in Jesus Christ alone as your Only Savior and God??

And so, in v32-34: reminders that as a Christian, there will be opposition and struggles;

and how did they cope with the struggles??

v33b: being with other Believers is a must!

v34a: be willing to let go of material things!

v34b: know your security in Christ!

v35-37: Persevere in faith with Christ and doing His will for Christ will come soon to give eternal blessings! Today is Father’s Day in America; so fathers, I believe this is the best thing we can do for our children! Fathers, persevere in your faith in Christ and do His will for the goodness of ourselves, our children, and community!

Now, what do you think it means that He will not delay in His return??

Jesus Christ is excited to bring to heaven all His Believers but it is set at a perfect schedule!

v38-39: Live a life of faith in Christ!

Note Hebrews 11:1-2…..

And so for us today…. We will note it again as we study Hebrews 11, but it’s always appropriate for us to ask ourselves everyday….

1. Will God commend me for my faith in Christ?

God tells us that the righteous will live by faith, and faith comes by…. and, let us not just be hearers of the Word but……

Occasionally, someone would ask me “what’s the difference between Religions of Christianity and Biblical Christianity?” The answer is another question – “Does your “Christian religion” truly assures you of going to heaven?”

Belief in Biblical Christianity assures you of being saved and going to heaven when you die! By God’s Word and the reality of Jesus Christ, a person can know they are going to heaven! If you are not really sure if you are going to heaven when you die or you think there’s a second chance when you die, please talk to me or someone you look up to in this church. Because…

2. Although attending a Christian Church, there is always a possibility that someone in that church is really not saved. We are to pray and encourage one another and to totally depend on God’s Word!!

3. Learn to cope with Christian opposition and struggles for they will come ( note again how to cope as described in v32-34)!

4. Jesus is excited to return for us; Are we excited to see Him everyday? We do it by faith!

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