Summary: Thesis: To clarify the nature of the Holy Spirits’ Work.


John 16:7-14

Thesis: to clarify the nature of the Holy Spirits work.


1. There is more info in John about the Holy Spirit than in Matt MK LK

2. In order to understand the mission/work of the HS we must keep in mind that Jesus is talking to His APOSTLES in John 16:7-14; not to the disciples generally

a. Jesus ate the last supper with the Apostles [JN 13] cf Matt 26:20

i. Jesus announced that one of them would betray him.

ii. Judas left the supper. (JN 13:30)

b. He tried to prepare them for His departure [JN 16:7]

3. Jesus’ identification of the Holy Spirit is significant.

a. “Comforter” [John 16:7]

i. Jesus speaks of the HS as “Comforter” four times

1. JN 14:16 14:26 15:26 16:7

2. Jesus said the Holy Spirit would be “another comforter”

a. [JN 14:16] He would serve them instead of Jesus

b. “comforter” == ”one who appears on another’s behalf, mediator, intercessor, helper”

b. “Spirit of Truth” [Jn16:13] (The spirit would make known the truth)

c. A personality “HE” and “HIM” [Jn 16:13]

4. The three-fold nature of the Spirit’s mission is set forth by Jesus

a. [John 16:7-14]


I. The Spirit would CONVICT the WORLD

a. Convict means, “to show him his fault, rebuke, pressing home a conviction, To convince with evidence which includes refutation, instruction, and persuasion.”

2. The Spirit would convict the WORLD

3. The Spirit convicts the world of three things:

a. Convicts the world of SIN.

i. The world needs to be convicted of the sin of unbelief.

ii. Rejecting the Son of God is the root sin because HE is man’s only hope of SALVATION

1. John 8:24 I said therefore unto you, that ye shall die in your sins: for if ye believe not that I am he, ye shall die in your sins.

2. rejection of Christ is the great sin of all: and the most fatal

b. Convict the World of Righteousness

i. People truly convicted of sin will seek righteousness

ii. The Holy Spirit convicts men of the possibility and the way to be made righteous in God’s sight

iii. This would be the Spirit’s work because Jesus would go to the Father. [Jn 16:10]

iv. The return of Jesus to the Father was the ultimate proof that He is the pattern for righteousness—God accepted Him!

c. Convict the World of JUDGMENT

i. The Spirit would glorify the Son of God and Satan would be dethroned

ii. Jesus’ work of Judging or condemning Satan would be carried out in the mission of the Holy Spirit. [Heb 2:14-15]

iii. The place occupied by Satan had had in the hearts of men, Jesus would occupy.

II. The Spirit would guide the Apostles

1. HOW would the Spirit convict the World?

a. Not by some mysterious, incomprehensible working.

b. Jesus explained the method of the Spirit’s work

2. Twice in this passage Jesus emphasized the “TRUTH” [JN 16:13]

a. The truth frees from sin. {JN 8:32}

b. The truth sanctifies {Jn 17:17}

3. The Spirit would bring to memory of the Apostles what Jesus had taught them. {Jn 14: 25:26}

4. The Spirit would guide them in all truth. (that is in the revelation of the truth)

5. The Holy Spirit would reveal the things to come. [JN 16:13]

a. The destruction of Judiasm was revealed {Matt 24}

b. The “falling away” was declared by the Spirit {1 Tim 4:1-4, 2 Thes 2:1-10}

c. The return of Christ {1 Thes 5:1-5}

III. The Holy Spirit would glorify the Lord Jesus [Jn 16:14]

6. God wants men to glorify His Son. [Phil 2:5-11]

7. Christ was the center of apostolic preaching [1 Cor 2:1-2]

8. The Holy Spirit was NEVER the theme of Apostolic Preaching


· An analysis of Jesus’ teachings about the HS shows where the emphasis was:

Teaching, Bringing to remembrance, Guiding, and Showing.

· Jesus’ teaching is a contrast to the teaching so prevalent today about the Holy Spirit

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