Summary: We will use the image of an armor bearer in 1Sam 14 to discuss 7 things the Holy Spirit does for us as our armor bearer. Equipment manager, helps put the equipment on, encourages, never quits Etc.

Our Armor Bearer - The Holy Spirit

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I am in a series of message on releasing the lion inside of us.

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1Sa 14:6 Jonathan said to his young armour-bearer, "Come, let's go over to the outpost of those uncircumcised fellows. Perhaps the LORD will act on our behalf. Nothing can hinder the LORD from saving, whether by many or by few."

1Sa 14:7 "Do all that you have in mind," his armour-bearer said. "Go ahead; I am with you heart and soul." (NIV)

Jonathan single handedly decided he would attack the whole Philistine army by himself.

Picture one person deciding to attack a whole army. That is a crazy idea. Not for a man who had the lion of Judah inside him! The righteous are as bold as a lion, and in this case even more bold than a lion, because a lion won't attack a whole group it will go after a loner, a baby, and the sick or the weak. Jonathan shows himself bolder than the roaring lion satan who wouldn't dare attempt a frontal assault on the army/people of God. Jonathan went straight after the heart of the enemy camp, it is almost as if he believed the gates of hell couldn't stop him, imagine that a man who believed what the bible says!

In this message I am going to show that Jonathan wasn't alone he had an armor bearer with him. An armor bearer is not something we have in modern warfare, as we go through this message I will explain who they are and what they did. Also don't think of some medieval guy in a silver suit of armor. I doubt they were every anything more than for show. Armor has to be practical.

This unnamed "young," man was an armor bearer who was all in on this seemingly insane idea from the get go. I am with you heart and soul, if you are going to face a battle with life and death consequences that is the kind of person you want fighting beside you!

Last week I spoke about how as a pastor I am to be an armor bearer for the church, it is my scriptural mandate to equip (that is one thing an armor bearer does) the church. I try to fill that role as best I can, but there is one who is infinitely better than I am, so this morning I want to talk about the Holy Spirit as our armor bearer. The only ghost or spirit most people know if is some crazy idea about haunted houses. The Holy Ghost is not one who haunts, He is part of the trinity, He is one who blesses.

Who's your armor-bearer? Who walks onto the front-lines of battle with you as you live your life and walk on your journey through the world? Whose got your back, who can you say is with you heart and soul?

In the passage before us Jonathan was the son of the first king of Israel, and he had a full time professional as his personal armor bearer. When it comes to the choice of an armor bearer, you don't want some maybe show, no show kind of person. Nor do you want someone to desert you when it gets dangerous, or who will abandon you if your life starts to unravel and you personally fall apart.

We live in age where it is all about getting to the top, and if anyone hinders you are is a drag on you, you should get them out of your life. Dump them, you don't want people who will hold you back.

There are two reasons that is a terrible life strategy, the first is a lot of people have potential that needs to be developed. Everyone who thinks they are someone was that person at one time in their own life. When they were a baby someone wiped their but. Second is someone will view you as a drag on their life. Do you want to be dumped or developed. Do unto others... Our armor bearer the Holy Spirit doesn't dump us and we should not be so quick to cut people out of our lives who need help to get to a higher level in life.

That is why I have chosen to speak about the Holy Spirit as our armor bearer, he won't chuck you to the side when you have a rough patch of life, and He won't forget to show up for work, or run away because it is dangerous. People might, and often do.

If you have some kind of crazy contagious disease, I will wave to you from the other side of the quarantine glass. But the doctors and nurses won't. Even more so God's Holy Spirit won't.

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