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  • Cure For The Worry Wart

    Contributed by John Shearhart on May 17, 2010
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    How not to worry

    Cure for the Worry Wart Matthew 6:25-34 John Shearhart May 19, 2010 Introduction Our text this evening begins with Jesus’ words, “For this reason I say to you, do not be worried about your life.” These words are a simple and freeing command which for some reason is more

  • Thrill Sequence Series

    Contributed by Rob Ketterling on May 5, 2015

    Sermon about living for thrill's that make a difference in the world and that have real meaning.

    Thrill Sequence, by Pastor Rob Ketterling Well, thanks for being a part of our Thrill Sequence launch here this week at River Valley Church. For those of you that don't know, we did this two years ago as a multiple part series, and from that a publisher heard about it and turned it into a book. more

  • Don’t Worry, Be Happy

    Contributed by Craig Condon on Apr 4, 2015

    It is not in satisfying our craving to have more and more that we have abundant life. No, it is in serving God and loving others as we love ourselves that abundant life is gained and lived. When we give, we show that Christ is our treasure.

    What do we really need? Our society is based on acquisition of things, especially wealth. We are concerned about what we do not have, especially people who are considered to be “have not”. Jesus is saying that it doesn’t matter how hard we try to get things, we can’t more

  • Being A Focused Christian Series

    Contributed by Anthony Zibolski on Apr 10, 2015
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    Being focused believer takes effort and it takes determination. There are many distractions that can pull you away from a relationship with the Lord.

    Being a focused Christian Thinking, Acting, Being like Jesus Matthew chapter 6:33 Introduction We are still in the series Thinking, Acting, Being like Jesus. Last week you remember we looked at the principal and relationship of prayer. We agreed that prayer works, and I asked more

  • Stress/Worry/Anxiety And The Christian Life Series

    Contributed by Ernie Arnold on Sep 8, 2015
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    This is a sermon dealing with Stress/Worry/Anxiety. The answers - Prayer, Meditation (Bible), Releasing, Receiving and Adapting.

    Scripture: Matthew 6:25-34; Psalms 23; Philippians 4:6-7 Theme: Stress/Worry/Anxiety and the Christian Life Proposition: The Bible shares with us some wonderful ways to deal with stress/worry/anxiety 1. Pray 2. Meditate 3. Release and Receive 4. Adapt INTRO: Good morning more

  • You Can Take It With You

    Contributed by Michael Blitz on Sep 13, 2015
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    How can we invest our Treasures in Heaven?

    You Can Take it With You The Time was over one hundred years ago, at the very beginning of the great Klondike Gold Rush. Two prospectors, among the very first to travel north, in 1896, came to the Yukon Territory of Canada to hunt for their gold. They knew the risks were high as there were no more

  • Believe Week 14 - Single Mindedness Series

    Contributed by Michael Deutsch on Feb 16, 2015

    Continuing our series in week 14 of looking at having a Single Minded focus on Christ.

    Believe 14 – Single Mindedness January 25, 2015 Matthew 6:25-34 I’m not sure which I’ve heard more, men are simple minded or single minded? Maybe it’s both. I know men and I will include boys in this one who have a single minded focus. Generally speaking, if you ask more

  • An Attitude Of Gratitude

    Contributed by Clair Sauer on Nov 19, 2015
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    Worry can keep us from seeing and celebrating God's great blessings in our lives, but the cure for worry is a life lived in thanksgiving!

    We worry a lot. Probably because we feel like there are a lot of things to worry about. Like I suspect that right now many of us are worried about Thanksgiving this week. What will the traffic be like for our travels or for those who are traveling to see us? Will the turkey thaw in time? Will the more

  • Don't Worry, Be Happy Series

    Contributed by Clair Sauer on Feb 11, 2016

    We all have reason to worry and lots to worry about. Christ tells us not to worry, but the key is not to allow ourselves to be consumed by worry and instead to "seek first God's kingdom and God's righteousness."

    As we launch our journey this morning to “[Find] Peace in an Anxious World,” we begin with this passage of Scripture that is really in no way obscure. We are probably all at least somewhat familiar with some parts of it, even if we hadn’t realized that it comes from the Bible. more

  • Your Highest Priority: To Seek After God

    Contributed by John Gaston on Sep 17, 2018

    An awesome message about the power of prayer, with many new insights from Scripture and great illustrations. It will preach.

    YOUR HIGHEST PRIORITY: TO SEEK AFTER GOD INTRODUCTION A. HUMOR: Church Growth 1. Johnny’s mother looked out the window and noticed him “playing church” with their cat. The cat was sitting quietly and he was preaching to it. She smiled and went about her work. 2. A while later she heard loud more

  • Distracted! Who Are You Listening To?

    Contributed by David Spiegel on Sep 18, 2018
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    We live in a world with thousands of voices of distraction. All trying to push their own agenda. Only one voice truly has our best interest at heart. How do we pull that voice out from the noise?

    Distracted! Are You Listening? We live in a time with more distractions then ever • And we love it that way… keep me entertained/ quietness = boredom in many people’s minds • Let there be a few moments of silence and out comes our little distraction boxes (phones) • Google/Alexa/Siri, Entertain more

  • Part 1 - It's My Time? Series

    Contributed by Michael Deutsch on Sep 14, 2018

    A introductory sermon looking at managing our time and resources.

    It's My Time? Ephesians 5:15-17 September 16, 2018 We would like to believe that my time is simply that . . . my time. We believe we control our time. And if that is true, then why are so many people feeling OVERWHELMED, OVERSCHEDULED, and EXHAUSTED. It seems too many people are overwhelmed, more

  • Fighting Fear With Fear Series

    Contributed by David Welch on Jun 28, 2018
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    Message 10 in our Judges Series expanding on the topic of fear. This is the first of seven messages.

    Notes for message 10 and 11 have been combined here for expedience. Judges Series #10 & 11 Life Cycles “Understanding and Handling Fear” (Trust More Fearless) Review On prominent principle in our study of Judges clearly demonstrates that God powerfully enlists the unlikely to precipitate more

  • The Black Hole In A Human Heart!

    Contributed by Wade Martin Hughes, Sr on Oct 24, 2018

    Consider each human heart has a black hole, a place of emptiness, fear and loneliness. Man tries to fill this void with materialism and pleasure. Only God!

    THE BLACK HOLE IN A PERSON’S HEART? By Wade Martin Hughes, Sr. BLACK HOLE: an invisible area in outer space with gravity so strong that light cannot get out. EMPTINESS, VOID, BLANK DO WE HAVE A BLACK HOLE WHERE ARE HEARTS SHOULD BE? ARE WE SPIRITUALLY EMPTY BECAUSE WE ARE more

  • When A Leader Of The Church Creates A Scandal Series

    Contributed by W Pat Cunningham on Aug 25, 2018

    The Holy Ghost has the power to sweep up the shards and make from this mess a magnificent mosaic of Christ.

    Fourteenth Sunday in Course: Extraordinary Lectionary The Church is in a “time that tries men's souls,” and it is not God who has put us in this trial by fire. A good friend of mine is a convert to the Catholic faith, and recently told me that if she were in the decision phase of that conversion more