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  • Three Kinds Of Worshippers Series

    Contributed by Rev. Andrew B Natarajan on Sep 30, 2016

    Three wise came from east and brought gifts according to their capacities. God blessed them all equally.

    Three kinds people groups in the Society - Mt. 2:1-18 By Rev. Andrew B Natarajan 1. Wise men of the East (2:1-2,9-12) The first groups represent the people who are half-baked. They trust in God and trust in self-search. Basically more

  • What Made The Wise Men So Wise?

    Contributed by Derrick Tuper on Jan 4, 2016

    When we look at the account of the wise men we will see some reasons why they were wise. The characteristics that made the wise men so wise are the same ones that will make us wise too.

    WHAT MADE THE WISE MEN SO WISE? Matt. 2:1-14 INTRODUCTION: Today I’ll be talking about the wise men’s part in the Christmas story. You might be wondering why I am doing a Christmas sermon after Christmas. Well, I’m focusing on the wise men specifically after Christmas because more

  • The Star That Leads The Way

    Contributed by Craig Condon on Jan 2, 2016

    There is no map to help us find Jesus and there is no star to follow, but we do have the Bible. We can find the way to Jesus by reading God's Holy Word! The Bible is the map and star that will lead to Jesus.

    Good morning boys and girls! Did you have a good Christmas? Did you get lots of gifts? Did any of you go on a trip over Christmas? How did you get there? Did you have to get directions? How did you get them? Did you ask someone? Did you go online and get directions? Did your parents use a more

  • Wise Men Worship Jesus Lesson 6 Series

    Contributed by Elmer Towns on Sep 20, 2016

    In Search of the King

    A. IN SEARCH OF THE KING – MATTHEW 2:1-2 1. Why were Mary and Joseph still living in Bethlehem?  So their son could be near the Temple.  So their son could identify with David. Bethlehem is the city of David and the angel predicted Jesus would sit on David’s more

  • Three Men And A Baby

    Contributed by John Gaston on Dec 17, 2017

    "3 Men and a Baby" was a spoof movie on how men don't know how to care for babies. The Wise Men seemed that way, but they followed the star, persevered in their search, and entered in to know Christ

    THREE MEN AND A BABY Matt. 2:1-11 INTRODUCTION A. HUMOR: ENTERING HEAVEN 1. Three men died on Christmas Eve and were met by Saint Peter at the pearly gates. "In honor of this holy season," Saint Peter said, "You must each possess something that symbolizes Christmas to get into heaven." more

  • Worshiping The Newborn King

    Contributed by Stephen Belokur on Dec 18, 2017

    There are several sub-stories within the over-arching birth story of the incarnation. What do these sub-stories have in common? What can we learn from them?

    Please open your Bibles to Matthew 2:1-12 which we will read in a few minutes. Do you love the Christmas story? Not the story about the Grinch or Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer or even The Miracle on 34th Street, but the story of the Son of God. The story that is the fulfillment of prophecies more

  • The Christmas Story

    Contributed by Andy Grossman on Dec 11, 2017

    The Christmas story is all about God's love for you.

    `“The Christmas Story” Matthew 2:1-16 “The Christmas story is fascinating to me. There is so much going on. God the Creator takes on human form as a baby. He was born in a barn with all those colorful images; Wisemen from the East came to see Him after following a star that led the way to more

  • The Gifts - Pt. 1 - Gold Series

    Contributed by Steve Ely on Jan 23, 2018

    No tree to place them under. No shiny bows or wrapping paper. But the original “Christmas Gifts” are worthy to be examined during this season.

    The Gifts Pt. 1 - Gold I. Introduction ?Here it comes. Ready or not. Tree assembled or not. Christmas. With all of the hustle and bustle. The paper and bows. The lights and wreaths. Christmas. Christmas captures our attention, our heart and even our imagination. That is true even for those of more

  • The Gifts - Pt. 2 - Frankincense Series

    Contributed by Steve Ely on Jan 23, 2018

    No tree to place them under. No shiny bows or wrapping paper. But the original “Christmas Gifts” are worthy to be examined during this season.

    The Gifts Pt. 2 - Frankincense I. Introduction ?It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Christmas captures our attention, our heart and even our imagination. That is true even for those of us who know the true meaning of Christmas. Christmas causes our imagination to run wild. So wild more

  • People Who Missed Christmas

    Contributed by John Gaston on Dec 10, 2017

    Most people today miss the real meaning of Christmas, because the holiday has been hijacked by the secular culture. That's nothing new. Most people in the 1st century missed the 1st Christmas. 3 examples of them.

    PEOPLE WHO MISSED CHRISTMAS Luke 2:4-7; Mt. 2:1-11 INTRODUCTION A. HUMOR 1. As we were putting out cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve, I accidentally dropped one. "No problem," I said, picking it up and dusting it off before placing it back on the plate. "You can’t do that," argued my more

  • Christmas Spiritual Contrasts

    Contributed by Jay Bunting on Dec 25, 2017
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    A look at the spiritual reactions to the birth of the Christ.

    Luke 2:1-20 Christmas contrasts It is a time of great rejoicing in the palace, for a prince has just been born. Near the throne there is a lively discussion going on as the king’s advisers are making their suggestions concerning the best way to announce to the wonderful news. They have suggested more

  • Epiphany—ambient Scent And Music.

    Contributed by Paul Andrew on Dec 23, 2017
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    And I am not talking about retail atmospherics of pumping in scented candles and evergreen, with Christmas carols.

    Epiphany—Ambient scent and music. In the beginning, Christmas was connected to music and scent. And I am not talking about retail atmospherics of pumping in scented candles and evergreen, with Christmas carols. In Heralding the birth of Jesus, angels sang and wise men provided fragrant gifts more

  • Everybody’s God

    Contributed by Kerry Haynes on Jan 7, 2018
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    The story of the wise men reminds us we worship a God above political might, a God over religious complacency, and a God over cultural prejudice. Often God colors outside the lines, moving in ways that shatter our assumptions. Our God is everybody's God!

    Matthew 2:1-12 Everybody’s God Today we conclude the “twelve days of Christmas,” that period of time between Christmas day and Epiphany, celebrated just yesterday. In church history, Epiphany marks the arrival of the wise men, the magi from afar bringing gifts to celebrate the newborn king. more

  • What The Animals Saw In The Nativity

    Contributed by James Huff on Jan 4, 2018

    United Methodist

    “Talk to the Animals” Matthew 2: 1-12 Ephesians 3: 1-12 There was this donkey that was living a very normal donkey life. He was well taken care of and often just laid around until his master needed him to do some chores such as gathering more

  • Year Round Christmas

    Contributed by Michael Deutsch on Jan 5, 2018

    A look at the journey of the Wise Men and ours as well.

    Year Round Christmas Matthew 2:1-12 December 31, 2017 It was a few days after Christmas. A family was busy cleaning up and putting away the Christmas decorations. As they took down the Christmas tree, the son asked “what are you doing?” The parents said, “We’re putting all our Christmas more