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  • Power, Authority, And Love

    Contributed by John Singarayar on Jan 28, 2021
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    Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time.

    Power, Authority, and Love Scripture: Mark 1:21-28. Reflection My dear sisters and brothers, “Then they came to Capernaum,    and on the sabbath Jesus entered the synagogue and taught. The people were astonished at his teaching,    for he taught them as one having more

  • Go Therefore, And Teach Them Series

    Contributed by Shawn Ragan on Nov 11, 2000
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    This sermon, the third in the series, is meant to encourage the person to live up to the Commission that Jesus gave us in "teaching them to obey all things"

    Go Therefore, and Teach Them Church of God Seventh Day Meridian, ID November 11, 2000 INTRODUCTION Greetings Over the last two Sabbaths, we have been talking about the last words Jesus spoke in the book of Matthew. Today, we pick this up again, looking at these words. Matthew 28:18-20 “(18) And more

  • Wolves In The Doctrine Henhouse

    Contributed by Ray Geide on Feb 25, 2013
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    Could it be that wolves have been in the doctrine henhouse of our churches and we haven't realized it? Could it be that even the strongest Bible believers miss the key doctrines? What doctrines should we hold to?

    Wolves in the Doctrine Henhouse Could it be that wolves have been in the doctrine henhouse of our churches and we haven't realized it? Could it be that even the strongest Bible believers miss the key doctrines? What doctrines should we hold to? Jude, the brother of Jesus, addressed more

  • Teach And Do

    Contributed by Greg Nance on Jun 9, 2012
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    Titus two is an amazing chapter on doing the word. This, says Paul, IS sound instruction.

    How many teachers do we have here today? School teachers and Bible class teachers raise your hands. Actually, all of us are teachers in some way. All of us have influence and we do and say things that are instructive to others, even when we wish otherwise. Some of my best lessons on faith I more

  • Lord, Teach Us To Pray

    Contributed by Brad Rigney on Jan 24, 2006
    based on 6 ratings

    This sermon looks at the Lord’s Prayer to see how Jesus is teaching us to Pray; how we can learn and grow in our prayers and how important it is to pray together as a church body.

    Lord, Teach us to Pray Matthew 6:9-15 Intro.: A. If you could ask Jesus to TEACH you anything about Serving Him, what would it be? - To heal people - To TEACH people like Jesus did. - To confront people with the wisdom as Jesus did - What about how to do Miracles - How about raising someone more

  • First Do...then Teach

    Contributed by Larry Brincefield on May 27, 2004
    based on 21 ratings

    A little different take on the Ascension, using the words of Luke: "all that Jesus began to do and to teach" special emphasis to the sequence, First Do...then Teach.

    Sermon Preached by Pastor Larry C. Brincefield on May 23, 2004. Title: First Do…Then Teach Text: Acts 1:1-11 Introduction 1. Many people are quite familiar with the death of Jesus Christ … • And His resurrection… • But people aren’t quite as familiar with the Ascension… • The Ascension of more

  • Distinguishing Reality From Fantasy Series

    Contributed by Peter Loughman on Feb 23, 2009
    based on 5 ratings

    John shows us an easy and effective way to evaluate if a Christian teaching is real or fantasy.

    In the late 1980’s I was interviewing at various corporations in the San Francisco Bay Area for a position in one of the fast track executive programs that were being offered to recent college graduates, of which I was one. In many of these corporations I would go through a series of interviews more

  • Go Therefore, And Make Disciples Series

    Contributed by Shawn Ragan on Nov 29, 2000
    based on 58 ratings

    This sermon is the first of four in a series on the "Great Commission"

    Go Therefore, and Make Disciples Church of God Seventh Day Meridian, ID October 28, 2000 INTRODUCTION Good Morning What I originally thought about speaking of was a little different (in light of Halloween), but... One of my beliefs (use Halloween as an example) Holy living vs. looking at more

  • What The Demons Know Series

    Contributed by D Marion Clark on Oct 21, 2012

    The demons know more clearly than we who Jesus is.

    Introduction Our action-movie director Mark is ready to show Jesus in action. Jesus has proclaimed the good news, called his disciples, and now we are going to see just what this man can do. The Teacher The scene begins tamely enough. 21 They went to Capernaum, and when the Sabbath came, Jesus more

  • The Heart Of The Matter Series

    Contributed by Stephen Colaw on Nov 10, 2007
    based on 3 ratings

    Part 1 - At the heart of following Jesus is a commitment to trust and obey him as we live differently - "Upside Down" - from the world.

    THE POINT: Jesus understands your heart and offers himself so that it may be transformed ME Bandwagon story…OU SOONERS WE We often jump on the bandwagon and follow the crowd…but when push comes to shove and real commitment or real cost is involved we tend to back away. Jumping on the more

  • About Time You Got Here

    Contributed by Mark A. Barber on Dec 8, 2013

    We need to hear the truth about Jesus from the Scripture.

    About Time You Got Here John 7:14-24 Introduction Last week we heard the gossip from the crowds about Jesus. There were all kinds of speculation about him. Some of the comments were good, but many were critical. Who was right? This could only be solved by Jesus Himself. Exposition of the more

  • Extra Ordinary Jesus - Teachings Series

    Contributed by Nicky Evans on Aug 7, 2011

    Part 7 of our study looking at the Extra Ordinary man Jesus.

    So far in our study of Jesus we have seen that, even though He was just as much a man as we are here He was truly extra ordinary! From His origins which can be traced back through Scripture to the very beginning of time and before, to His birth and purpose and how He lived His life! Today I want us more

  • The Gift Of Quality Instruction

    Contributed by Ron Tuit on Sep 27, 2013
    based on 1 rating

    What is the spiritual gift of TEACHING?

    The Gift of Quality Instruction Romans 12:7 We’ve been looking at the spiritual gifts which God gives to members of the Body of Christ, His Church, in order to bring glory to Him alone, and to edify us together in unity more

  • Unmasking Mormon Doctrine

    Contributed by Eric Hanson on Feb 6, 2008
    based on 6 ratings

    This message clearly brings out the error of Mormon teachings about several majorly important matters, including the nature of God.

    UNMASKING MORMON TEACHING Pastor Eric J. Hanson (February 28, 2003) Intro: The term “Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints” sounds like a nice church name. For many years this group has been trying to be seen as simply a Christian denomination. But there are matters of the group’s doctrine, more

  • The Evidence Of Our Love

    Contributed by David Dewitt on Apr 25, 2014
    based on 2 ratings

    Our love for Christ is revealed by our willingness to obey His teachings

    The Evidence of Our Love John 14:23 April 6, 2014 Evening Service On the whole, God's love for us is a much safer subject to think about than our love for Him. C.S. Lewis Mere Christianity How do we reveal that we really love Jesus? What is it that we do to show that our love for Christ is real? more