Summary: The nation of Israel was facing the unknown in exile in a foreign land, they needed to know God was there. Jeremiah gave them a message that brought comfort...

Sermon Brief

Date Written: May 23, 2013

Date Preached: May 26, 2013

Where Preached: OPBC (AM)

Sermon Details:

Series Title: Graduation/Graduate Sermon

Sermon Title: Graduation has come-What’s Next?

Sermon Text: Jeremiah 29:11-14a [HCSB]


This morning we have met 2 wonderful young people who have made great sacrifices in their lives to achieve a goal to move their lives ahead… to better themselves!

We are so proud of Jason and June and today we HONOR their grit and determination and their willingness to sacrifice to make a better life for themselves!

Not many people are able or willing to make the sacrifices these 2 have made and NOT many people achieve graduation after they start school… so today, Jason and June… we want to let you know how proud we are of you!

We want you to know how much we recognize the level of accomplishment you have reached because of your sacrifice! God bless you… continue to put Him first and I know He will use you in a great way for His kingdom!

ALSO today the Sunday before the Memorial Day holiday and many people look to this day as a 3-day weekend and a chance to barbeque and have a good time!

But Memorial Day means SO MUCH more than a 3day weekend… SO MUCH more than a barbeque and a good time!

Today, I want our church to take this opportunity to stand and honor the fallen soldiers who have given their lives to honor and protect this nation and its freedoms!

From the 1st Revolutionary soldier who died to the latest soldier who has given his life on the field in Afghanistan… there have been millions who have served and so many who have been willing to pay the ultimate price for OUR FREEDOM!

The Declaration of Independence and our Constitution stand as testaments of what can be achieved if you are willing to sacrifice for the greater good.

Many people gave their lives so that our nation would shake off the shackles of tyranny and enter into the greatest experiment of government known to humanity!

Our nation stands today as a beacon for the rest of the world… a beacon of freedom and liberty… a beacon of hope and a new start!

We are NOT perfect and there are some in this nation who would see us TORN down and made into something totally different… but it is because of the people like these soldiers… that we still experience unparalleled freedom in our nation!

Without the sacrifice of these soldiers, we would NOT be a free nation…

Without the sacrifice of these soldiers, we would NOT have enjoy the prosperity and independence that we have enjoyed for the past 237 yrs… It is because of this sacrifice we are free!

This morning I want to also declare that we are standing HERE in this sanctuary… singing these songs… praying as we do… listening to this sermon… all because of a great sacrifice!

The sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross of Calvary opened heaven’s door for all who profess Jesus as Savior… Jesus gave Himself for the sin of the world… Jesus laid down His life as a sacrifice to atone for the sin of the world…

Without the sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross of Calvary, we would NEVER know the supreme peace and comfort that comes with a relationship with the Creator God of the universe!

Without the sacrifice of Jesus our destination would be sealed and unchanging…we would be doomed to an eternity OUTSIDE the presence of God in a place the Bible calls HELL!

The sacrifice of Jesus SAVED us from the wrath of God and delivered us into the sweet grace of God! Today and EVERYDAY should be a Memorial Day for believers as we remember the sacrifice Jesus made to save us from HELL…

While we KNOW of the sacrifice of Jesus I want you to know that this is NOT some CHANCE thing that God decided to do in the spur of the moment…

God has planned this out since before the beginning of time and God KNOWS what is going to happen and the choices we are going to make!

With that being said… I believe that God’s will or the PLAN of God has been set forth BY God and we are part of that plan! This does not mean ALL of our actions are scripted by God… this does NOT mean we are robots without free will…

This simply means that God in His sovereign power has granted freedom of will to His creation… but He is such a great God that he already knows how things will end… what choices will be made… and who will accept Him and who will REJECT Him! But either way…accept Him or reject Him… God has a plan!

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