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  • The Foolishness Of God

    Contributed by Bramwell Hayes on Sep 30, 2023

    How what seems to be the foolishness of the cross, is actually the greatest piece of wisdom

    What’s the daftest thing you’ve ever heard, the silliest idea you’ve ever come across? If you’re anything like me you’ve probably had lots of ideas yourself that, when you think about it, make no sense whatsoever. We all like the world to make sense, it makes us feel good and comfortable. We feel more

  • Season Of Creation 2: Psalm 104; He Planned It And He Brings It About, He Is Faithful In His Provision To All Creation. Series

    Contributed by Andrew Moffatt on Sep 29, 2023

    Reflecting on the Psalmists words and celebrating the Creator Christ. For it is he who provides all.

    Psalm 104 He planned it and he brings it about, he is faithful in His provision to all creation. Read Psalm 104, all of it. I wonder if you recognise this drab little bird? PP Sky lark, often what we see does not give the whole picture, in nature what seems to be something may just be a small more

  • Jesus Questioned About Paying Taxes Series

    Contributed by Justin Steckbauer on Sep 25, 2023

    So knowing that the U.S. government apparently is somewhat reckless in how it spends money, should we still pay our taxes faithfully? Or should we try to get around our taxes?

    In the year 2022, according to the CBO, the United States government raised 4.9 trillion dollars in tax income. About half came from individual income taxes. It’s a massive amount of money that we’re talking about, but despite that, the U.S. government is currently 33.1 trillion dollars in debt, more

  • How Can I Be The Greatest In God's Kingdom? Series

    Contributed by Justin Steckbauer on Sep 25, 2023

    It was great for me, a breath of fresh air in fact, to escape that rat race, and find myself in an entirely different system, a system called the kingdom of God.

    We’re coming into the primary season that will lead up to a presidential election in about a year, and there was a debate recently, and many interviews on television, and Trump and tucker talking on Twitter, and Biden and RFK Jr. and various others on both sides of the political debate getting more

  • Money Isn't Everything: A Wealthy Young Guy Meets Jesus Face To Face Series

    Contributed by Justin Steckbauer on Sep 25, 2023

    The young man falls on his knees before Jesus. He is overcome by his presence, he is amazed, and excited to meet Jesus, this God-man who is changing everything. And he asks him a very, very, very important question: How do I get eternal life?

    "In 1928 a group of the world's most successful financiers met at the Edgewater Beach Hotel in Chicago. The following were present: The president of the largest utility company, The greatest wheat speculator, The president of the New York Stock Exchange, A member of the President's more

  • Joab Convinces King David To Bring Absalom Back To Jerusalem Series

    Contributed by Justin Steckbauer on Sep 24, 2023

    Absalom the dearly loved son of King David has committed murder, he killed his own brother Amnon. This was in revenge for something truly disturbing that Amnon did to Absalom’s sister Tamar.

    Have you ever had a disagreement with someone, a long time friend or family member? And then you stop talking? But as the months and years go by you long to see that person again. You think about them. You think about the good times. Yet, you can’t quite get yourself to call them up, or make things more

  • Absalom's Rebellion Against King David Series

    Contributed by Justin Steckbauer on Sep 24, 2023

    David's own beloved son Absalom, begins to plot a nefarious conspiracy against his own dad.

    Right now in this season of growing politics, we see various candidates political office beginning again to vie for the affections of the people. They make promises, they give their policies, and they fight for the support of the people of the United States. Similarly, in the time of David and more

  • Jesus Christ Drives The Money-Changers From The Temple Series

    Contributed by Justin Steckbauer on Sep 24, 2023

    Messiah Jesus clears the temple of the money changers. This is symbolic of the fact that Jesus would make the way of the gentiles to come into God’s kingdom as well.

    "While Josh McDowell was attending seminary in California, his father went Home to be with the Lord. His mother had died years earlier, but Josh was not sure of her salvation. He became depressed, thinking that she might be lost. Was she a Christian or not? The thought obsessed him. more

  • Absalom Takes Jerusalem, David Regroups At Mahanaim Series

    Contributed by Justin Steckbauer on Sep 24, 2023

    The Lord God almighty is sovereign and in control of this situation. Similarly, he is in control in your life. You can trust Him completely.

    Absalom is leading a rebellion against King David and at least as of the time being, he is succeeding. King David and his leaders have fled Jerusalem, in tears of sorrow. Absalom has moved in and taken the capital. So now we’re going to see Absalom being advised by two men, Ahithophel and Hushai. more

  • Jesus' Authority Questioned: Who Has Authority Over Your Life? Series

    Contributed by Justin Steckbauer on Sep 24, 2023

    We want to understand as Christians that Jesus Christ fundamentally has authority over our lives. What does authority mean? Authority is power, control, influence. My life is not my own, my life belongs to God. God has authority over me.

    "In U.S. Navel Institute Proceedings, the magazine of the Naval Institute, Frank Koch illustrates the importance of obeying the Laws of the Lighthouse. Two battleships assigned to the training squadron had been at sea on maneuvers in heavy weather for several days. I was serving on the lead more

  • Season Of Creation 1, Psalm 65, The Bounty Of Our Saviour. Series

    Contributed by Andrew Moffatt on Sep 18, 2023
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    We see what is going on, on stage, however God is working behind the scenes. What is the part we play in response to all he is and has done and will do?

    Psalm 65: Entitled or could be: The Bounty of our Saviour. For the director of music. A psalm of David. A song. 1 Praise awaits[b] you, our God, in Zion; to you our vows will be fulfilled. 2 You who answer prayer, to you all people will come. 3 When we were overwhelmed by sins, you more

  • Fathers Day 2023

    Contributed by Andrew Moffatt on Sep 6, 2023

    Ever tried moving on loose sand? Our relationship with God is important as it always ensures we have a secure footing. A couple of examples this Fathers Day of how we are defined. We are defined through our relationship with our Heavenly Father as we come to him through The Son.

    Father’s Day 2023 Father’s Day and we all have different experiences of Fatherhood, the truth is that we will all have different experiences even as siblings of the same Father. One of my sons has a thing with me that when we get together, we will go for a walk and a chat where the other one and more

  • Absalom Sets A Trap For Amnon: What Is The Legacy You'll Leave Behind? Series

    Contributed by Justin Steckbauer on Aug 15, 2023

    If we set an example of righteousness, then it may yet continue through your family line into the future.

    King David allowed two sins into his life when he committed sexuality immorality by taking Bathsheba to be his wife. Then he committed murder when he ordered Uriah the husband of Bathsheba to be left to die in battle. In my family, certain sins have persisted over the generations. My grandpa more

  • Hope Series

    Contributed by Andrew Moffatt on Aug 15, 2023

    What s this hope that Christians have through Jesus? How is it we live in hope, that have a hope for the future, that we have hope to share with the world?

    Hope Read Psalm 42. I’ve had a few things to celebrate this week it was good to come home from Mosgiel on Wednesday morning and catch up with Janaki (daughter) the team here at the Corps after the trip south. We had caught up with Louis (son), Hannah (daughter-in law) and Sophia more

  • I Believe Lord; Help My Unbelief! Series

    Contributed by Justin Steckbauer on Aug 14, 2023

    “‘If you can’?” said Jesus. “Everything is possible for one who believes.”

    “In college I was asked to prepare a lesson to teach my speech class. We were to be graded on our creativity and ability to drive home a point in a memorable way. The title of my talk was, "The Law of the Pendulum." I spent 20 minutes carefully teaching the physical principle that governs more