Summary: A baccalaureate sermon given to a local high school graduating class 2024

2024 Baccalaureate Service

Text: Psalm 90:9-12

Well let me begin by saying that I am honored to stand before you today. I know you students, I’ve met many of you, I’ve talked to most of you, and even taught some of you, so it’s an honor to be able to stand here and hopefully impart some wisdom. It’s an honor to stand before your parents and the faculty, staff, administration, and school board of _________ Public Schools… and before my peers as well. And on behalf of the Ministerial Alliance I do want to say “THANK YOU” for this opportunity and privilege to share from God’s Word.

So let’s start there, by looking at God’s Word. Psalm 90:9-12 (READ)

Now I have to be honest. I graduated high school a long time ago… before any of you were born, I don’t remember having a baccalaureate, and here’s what I remember about the commencement address. Some old guy who I was told was important, got up and spoke for 45 minutes, and I don’t remember a single thing he said.

I’ve had several other graduations since then… in the Army, in college… and at each of those some old guy got up and spoke as well… and… I don’t remember anything THEY said. And it’s not because I myself am some “old geezer” and my memory is failing. I can quote massive portions of Scripture. I can recite Shakespeare. I can tell you historical events and occurrences with dates and facts better than Wikipedia ever could. My memory isn’t failing – it’s just that I didn’t listen to those guys. I was young, and thought that I had everything all figured out, and what could a guy who was old enough to be my dad possibly say that could benefit me? I hope you don’t do that this afternoon.

The reason I shared that with you all, is because you may not remember what I say today, but throughout life, what we often remember are events and occasions. For instance: There are occasions of joy, or sadness, achievements, firsts and lasts – those are the things we tend to remember. And believe it or not, today, and the next few days – up until graduation, marks one of those types of occasions. This is a time in your life, that you’ll never forget. You may not know it now, but your parents do. And I would bet that over the next few days, your parents are going to be doing some remembering and reflecting too. They’re going to remember the day you were born, your first day of school, your first day of driving. They might remember how their hair began to show a little more grey as you went from your tweens to teens and as you began to practice your independence more frequently.

Also… the teachers who are here today, they’re remembering as well… how over the last few years, they’ve poured their lives into you, and taught you, and hopefully inspired you to be life-long learners.

So… this is a time of reflection. It’s a time for them, and for you. Some of you might reflect on what’s about to happen. And let’s be honest… you young men and ladies live in a messed-up time. You know it. I know it. We all know it. You might feel nervous, or anxious, or maybe excited about what comes next.

And so… I want to share with you all a few things that I hope and pray you will remember, and that I won’t just be some “old geezer” who stood up and gave your baccalaureate sermon that you don’t remember when you’re my age.

Now why do I want to do that? BECAUSE – in just 5 short days, you guys and gals are getting ready to go out into life and hopefully do something AWESOME! But the thing is – none of us know what the future holds. When I sat where you’re sitting, if someone had told me that I was going to see and do all the things that I’ve seen and done, I would’ve laughed in their face. We don’t know what tomorrow holds. But GOD DOES! God knows your future. He knows what tomorrow holds. He knows where you’re going to be and what you’re going to be doing – not only Friday after graduation, but in 5 years, and 10 years, and even 20 years from now.

Moses says in that text we read, that we might have 70 or 80 years, but they pass by quickly.

And then he says in verse 12, “Teach us to number our days…”.

Now I’ve heard preachers say things like, “Now that means that if you live to be 80, then you have so many days and hours that are going to be given to sleep, and so many hours and days that are going to be given to work, and so many hours and days to leisure, etc, etc…”.

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