Summary: Coverage of James from verse 2 - verse 16

THE PERFECT MAN -James a Slave of God

I. The Perfect Man and Suffering Chapter 1.

A. To the Twelve Tribes- Scattered

1. Many transplants occurred in Palestine.

a. II Kings 17:23, I Chron 5:26 Assyrians carried away Jews to

Assyrian (These are the ten lost tribes who never returned.)

b. II Kings 24:14-16, Psalm 137

Babylonians carried away the southern kingdom to Babylon.

c. 63 B. C. Pompey – Romans carried Jews away to Rome.

d. Some left on their own.

e. Strabo- Greek Geographer said, “It is hard to find a spot on

the whole world which is not occupied and dominated by Jews.

2. Other Possibilities

a. All the Jews outside of Palestine

b. Christian Jews outside of Palestine.

c. To the Christians, the Christian Church was the real and

true Israel.

II. Turning and Triumphs

B. Proper Reaction

1. Count (v.2) –a financial term – evaluate

a. it all joy – joyful attitude I Peter 4:12-16

I Peter 1:6-7 gold – worth – Count If we value comfort

more than character, the trials will upset us. If we value

the material and physical more than the spiritual, we will

not be able to count it all joy.

b. When (not if) temptations (testing) will come- divers – manifold

- much varied – in many ways

(v. 2) Temptation (peirasmos) – trials with a beneficial purpose

and effect. Not seduction into sin. (W. W. pg 49) It is a trial – testing that is directed towards an end, and the end is that he who is tested should emerge stronger and purer from the testing.

There’s a definite difference between trials and temptations. Trials are ordeals – tests of our faith.

Normally, there is nothing immoral involved in experiencing a trial. A trial is a hardship, an ordeal.

But it is generally not something that is evil or brought about by evil. Chuck Swindoll.

A young bird is said to test its wings, trials are not sent

to make us fall but they are sent to make us soar.

This is why we count it all joy.

This is when the worst in us is pried out to be dealt

with and nailed to the cross – mortified.

c. Fall into - means to encounter or come across - not a stupid accident.

2. know (v 3)

a. Faith is always tested (tried). Good tests to bring out the best.

Satan tempts us to bring out the worst. God tried Abraham, Israel, Hezekiah (II Chron 32:30-31), Job 23:10 – as gold

b. Testing works for us, not against. It Yields patience Rom 5:3 Paul agrres

c. Trials rightly used help us to mature. Immature people are always

impatient ; mature -- patient and persistent. Rom 15:4 patient

There is not substitute for an understanding mind. Satan can defeat

the ignorant believer, but he cannot overcome the Christian who

knows his Bible and understands the purposes of God.

3. Let (v. 4) -- a surrendered will

a. Cannot build our character without our cooperation.

b. It may take time: Remember Abraham, Moses, Joseph

4. Ask (v 5) for what?

(a) Wisdom - - so we will not waste the opportunities God is

giving us to mature. Hort defines it (wisdom) as “that endowment

of heart and mind which is needed for the right conduct in life.”

Psalm 111:10 “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.”

(b) ask God – How?

(c) ask in faith – not double-mind (dipsuchos) – Literally means a man

with two souls, or two mind, within him.

C. As Each Man Needs

1. Christianity brings to the poor man (v. 9) a new sense of his own value.

a. He learns that he matters in the Church -- no class distinctions.

in Early Church – all things common

b. He learns that he matters in the world. God has a purpose for him.

c. He learns that he matters to God. Muretus said long ago, “Call no

man worthless for who Christ died.

2. Chrisitanity brings the rich man (v 10) a new sense of self-abasement

a., Riches bring a false sense of security.

b. Riches make it difficult to humble oneself. He becomes a target

for Satan to attack with pride and superiority.

c. Tables turn in Christ – poor is exalted.

d. Life is so uncertain.

e. He can put his trust in something for sure -- our Lord Jesus Christ

I Timothy 6:9 they that will be rich fall into temptation and a snare.

D, (v12) A Mature Man

1. He is tried.

2. He endures.

3. He receives a crown signifies:

a. Times of Joy

b. a mark of royalty

c. for the victor

d. A mark of honor and of dignity.

e. A life – Life More Abundant

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