Summary: Women - do you know that you are called to fulfill your life purposes in the earth? No matter what your state in life, you are a woman of prophetic destiny!


Today, we are in the finest hour of the church and women are part of this great move of God. Many have answered the call and embraced the destiny ordained for them by God. In the book of Joel 2:28 it says, “that in the last days I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh and my sons and daughters shall prophesy. However, there are still members of the body of Christ who have not released or embraced God’s daughters into their giftings, callings, and destiny. But it’s time for women to come forth and say, “It’s My Time Now”. For just a few moments today, I would like to speak on the message entitled, “IT’S YOUR TIME NOW! EMBRACING YOUR PROPHETIC DESTINY”. In order to understand the message I am about to minister today, let me give you some definitions.


Prophesy -

1. Prophesy - (prophetic - characteristic of prophesy); to utter forth, to declare a thing.

2. In Pastor Rocinda Barnor’s book, Scepter of Authority, she defines declare (decree) as to announce and speak forth to the heavens that Jesus rules in the land, other lands, or in circumstances and situations that we face. We declare and decree that He is the Kings of Kings and the Lord of Lords, and His righteousness will reign forever.

Destiny -

1. To decree beforehand

2. To designate, assign, or dedicate in advance

Predetermine - to determine beforehand; to impose a direction beforehand

Prophetic Destiny -

That which has been declared over your life before hand by God for His purposes which defies geographical location, race, creed, national origin, ethnicity, territory, or any obstacles.

Read Ephesians 1:4-5

Read Jeremiah 1:5

As I stated before, many are not embracing their prophetic destiny. How many of you today are frustrated because you don’t know what that you have a prophetic destiny and it has not been embraced or you do not know how to pull it forth? What about the prophetic words spoken over you time and time again confirming our prophetic destiny which have not come to pass? What is hindering many of us today? In order to embrace your prophetic destiny or discover it, there are certain things we need to examine. In other word, let’s “keep it real”.


I We have a “Christian Drama Queen” type mentality.

Are you a drama queen? Or better yet, a Christian drama queen? I wasn’t sure I was one until recently I started to look at my life. Yes, I admit I am a drama queen. What is a Drama Queen? This is a person, specifically a woman, who needs the prep and the pump to keep on going. Everything evolves around her and for her even her prayer life.

Even though she is a Christian, she has yet to perfect and submit specific area in her life to God. Many have learned to play a part, put on the Church face. They have learned the script well. Surely, if there was an academy award for churches, this person would surely get an Oscar.

In the Word of God there were also Drama Queens. Example of Drama Queens are:.

a. Vashti - thought more highly of herself than she ought

b. Jezebel - wanted control; to run things without God, it’s all about her

c. Delilah - girlfriend; brought great man down because she knew his secret

But there is hope! We found that Esther was a woman of prophetic destiny. However, Esther had a “drama queen” moment. When it was time for her to embrace her prophetic destiny (it was not to be just queen, but a deliver of her people), she told Mordecai that she couldn’t go to the King on the Jews behalf. Then Mordecai reminded her that she was also a Jew and would perish! It was then that Esther said, “..and if I perish, I perish“. (Esther 4:16) She didn’t stop at being Queen, she embraced her prophetic destiny and saved the Jews from destruction.

There were other women who embraced their prophetic destiny such as Deborah, Mary, Hannah, and even the Woman at the Well. Jesus read the mail of the woman at the well (she was a “Drama Queen” with a history - she loved the brethren); however, she became the first female evangelist. (John 4:28 The woman then left her waterpot, and went her way into the city, and saith to the men, Come, see a man, which told me all things that ever I did: is not this the Christ? Then they went out of the city, and came unto him.)

II. Misinterpretation of Relationships

Relationship comes from the word to “relate”. To relate means the position one holds to another. For example: employer/employee; husband/wife; pastor/member; male/female. I want to talk about the male and female relationship.

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Barbara Harris

commented on Oct 26, 2006

awesome message. it was just what i needed to start my day. Don't stop,...keep on listening to our God and our Savior! keep on preaching the Word!!!!!!!!!!!! bch

Apostle Thabile Morgan

commented on Jul 14, 2014

God bless you and keep on unparking the Word may you continualy be filled with the Spiri

Laura Ighedesa

commented on Jul 27, 2017

Even now 2017 this is an awesome 'eternal' message for women! This word will never die or fall to the ground, it is a profound word!

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