Summary: Life, it is a fragile thing that is GOD-GIVEN! It takes time to bring about a new life, and yet one can lose it with or without any reason (time is not in our grasp).


What is life?

Life, it is a fragile thing that is GOD-GIVEN! It takes time to bring about a new life, and yet one can lose it with or without any reason (time is not in our grasp).

Life, it is not the day u were born or the day u die, it is the simply the "DASH" in-between those two dates. life is what you've lived! And so, how have u lived out your life so far?

It is said that "if you have nothing worth dying for, then you have nothing worth living for either."

i've been in this world for nearly 32 years. did I live my life? I would say, i'm still getting there. Let me explain. I won't say that my life was or is in perfect order and that everything went smooth and right for me. My life has always been like what i'd compare to an ECG ( ), with ups and downs, times of joy and sorrow, times like what we read in Ecclesiastes 3.

The thing with life is that it is filled with WHYs ( Y ). If u look at the letter "Y" it seems to start straight at the lowest moments, and just when u feel like you're getting upward, u also get a junction - that's the time to choose. Choice is the deciding factor of what u become. Whichever way you decide to go / Whatever you decide to do WILL result in who you become. You can't ask why this or why that. You are what you decide / choose to be!

Life, as one gentleman said to me, is a PUZZLE! A puzzle with a challenge. The challenge is that u don't always know the Bigger Picture. But God knows!! He gives u one piece at a time, and after a while, u start seeing something, slowly progressing into the picture / plan God had in mind for u!

Life is a matter of FAITH! You know something? One cannot see what he doesn't know. When Columbus first came to America on Ships, the Native Americans (who had not seen a ship before) couldn't see anything, they did see something blury on the horizon. Only after a few days of continually watching it, it became a visible image. Faith is looking into the unseen. Until u Know what God has for you, you'll not know even if it slaps you right on your face (stands right in front of you). Faith looks beyond the face of a man into the heart, which matters the most.

Life is filled with OPPORTUNITIES!! Opportunities are like the waves in the sea; they never seize! once i read somewhere that only a Surfer knows the value of a wave. Maybe i could say that the Seamen know the power of it too. Opportunity to choose. Opportunity to believe in One God! Opportunity to do good. Opportunity, so that u don't have to give-up and feel like a failure. Opportunity to stand up again and make a stand. Opportunity to Love! Opportunity to a better life! Opportunity to be who you are and not be a two-face. Opportunity to make a change. Opportunity to live and let live others in unity and harmony. Opportunity to know God for who He is and what He has done for you and me! Opportunity to be thankful and grateful. Etc... Etc... Etc... Sea is the possibilities and it sends u multiple opportunities, do not miss it!

Life is God-Given!

Life is a Dash!

Life is as an ECG!

Life is a Y!

Life is a Puzzle!

Life is Faith!

Life is Opportunities!





If you have the Love of God In you, show it through Faith Externaly.

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