Summary: Alas, the great, powerful pagan monarch Pharaoh found ‘none’ in his colossal palace to give him a piece of advice and interpret the dream for him among the plethora of magicians and wise men of Egypt!

Where is Joseph!

Genesis 41:8”…..there was no one who could interpret them (the dream) for Pharaoh.”

In the wee hours of this morning as I read the Bible, the above scripture caught my attention! Alas, the great, powerful pagan monarch Pharaoh found ‘none’ in his colossal palace to give him a piece of advice and interpret the dream for him among the plethora of magicians and wise men of Egypt! Finally he had to call for a ‘young Hebrew prisoner’ languishing in the prison for 13 years who had loads and loads of ‘ godly stuff’ stocked in him, hence he was hurriedly brought from the prison into the presence of king Pharaoh. He is none other than Joseph! Ah! He stuns Pharaoh by his impeccable explanation of the dream where God revealed the years of famine and plenty; Oxford university qualification cannot teach you this ‘wisdom’, this kind wisdom comes from above! Amen. We got to pursue this godly wisdom aggressively! Proverbs 4:7 “Wisdom is the principal thing; Therefore get wisdom. And in all your getting, get understanding.” You get this kind of wisdom through spending several hours of reading the Word of God.

Like king Pharaoh, huge gamut of people are running in the wrong direction for counseling and direction and alas they are frustrated and lost without a clue. The conundrum is that why we stiffly refuse to go the right way? Are you listening? Today we get to hear some of the best preachers speak to us right into our living room through a wide range of Christian networks. We just have no excuse other than our own stubbornness of closing our ears to the truth!

Satan has subtly made the people read his word through the various plush magazines that are sold where you get to read the ‘coffee’ that SRK drinks and stuff like that, the 700 and odd pages of Harry Potter that is being sold like hot cakes around the world gives you much more trash……It is heart- rending! No wonder we are a confused lot! I am speaking to someone out there! How much of the Bible have you read this year?

I got to hear that a young 18 year old Christian girl eloped with an uneducated, young hindu boy; the enraged parents called selected relatives who joined the band to curse the girl and also elaborate plans were made to spoil her name; she was blamed for being disobedient, ungrateful and immoral. There was no ‘Joseph’ around - inside the church or outside - to boldly point out the mistakes of the parents who had not fed Jesus into the young girl’s life at the appropriate time, there was no ‘Joseph’ to point out to the fuming parents that they had failed to give the Bible to the daughter, there was no ‘Joseph’ to point out that they failed to entrust her into the Hands of Jesus who would protect her from the snare of the fowler. Is the truth of a Christian to be 'separated' from idol worshippers preached regularly and strongly in the pulpit today? We get to hear more of comfort and prosperity sermons today, no wonder our kids are wandering. Beware of wolfs! I cry out to you today to search your heart and life!

People are paranoid or even resentful when they find out that they didn't measure up for a job or promotion, they blame God and curse the society for abandoning them, but they do not take a minute to analyze their life and how they have failed to bless the Lord with their finances. When Christian marriages end in divorces, there is no ‘Joseph’ to point out their faults, their nonchalance to the commandments of God and expound the Word to the lost people. We don’t ‘get along’ is not the answer, you ‘better get along’ is my advice; if not curses would follow you. 100 percent! Beware!

We need ‘Josephs’ to point out the disobedient areas in our life boldly and turn our attention to God!

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