Summary: Daring faith leads us to miracles and to a relationship with Jesus that is life changing and spiritually transforming! It all surfaces out of Love and a God connection!

“Daring Faith” - 7

Summary of Series:

We need to have daring faith if we want to stay connected with God and see miracles! This type of faith is rare but when it is in motion in a Christian’s life it unlocks the key to miracles and perseverance. We can stay in the comfort zones of our life but adventures in God, risk taking for the Kingdom, and history making faith choices create changed lives. This type of faith slays the giants who oppose our God given destiny and fuel our spirits and souls! Daring faith helps us persevere through hardship as it encourages our soul and heart. Daring faith commits to the ways and the teachings of the Lord. It commits to the point of sacrificing for the cause of Jesus Christ and for others. Commitment is a key component of the Christian faith. With it you leave a daring faith legacy without it you leave nothing! Daring faith is all about risk taking for the Kingdom of Heaven. It’s about wading into the river like Pastor Beth talked about last week. It is an all in commitment to the Lord and to His Kingdom.

Daring Faith Thesis: Daring faith leads us to miracles and to a relationship with Jesus that is life changing and spiritually transforming! It all surfaces out of Love and a God connection!


Here is the pattern for a miracle:


Share daring faith testimonies from emails – people getting miracles being a part of a miracle.

Arlene and JW’s/Dave Oberg testimony from the hospital and his surgery/Jan’s thoughts.

My Story: The Drive to International House of Prayer!

Share miracle stories: From audio Cd Angels, Miracles and Heavenly Encounters by James Stuart Bell – given to me by Tiffany – highlight some of the stories from the drive down to Ihopkc.

The story of Papa – Mother, “Say good bye to your grandfather he is dying!” Derrick said “no” “He is not leaving yet! I will when he leaves!” A few days later came Papa’s death with Derrick, and Mother at his side and a nurse. At the moment of his Papa’s death he looked up into the ceiling not at his body in the bed which his mother thought was strange – He said goodbye Papa! At that moment he was having a vision of Papa dressed in white with huge hands picking him up into heaven! He looked young according derrick and he waved to me and said, “Good bye Derrick!” Derrick was not upset at his grandfather’s death because he says, “I saw him go to heaven in the glory of the Lord!” He testified to this over and over at the funeral! He even refused to look at his grand pa’s body in the casket because that was not Papa!

Visions and miracles like this are talked about more often than you think in moment like this – I listened to a few of them on my way to IHOP!

The story of a small church called Calvary Temple and the divine midst which showed up in their church service in Portland, Oregon! It was a Sunday morning worship service – in the middle of worship as they were singing it appeared. Something supernatural in the service. A divine midst formed over the worship team and then physical manifestations started impacting the congregation. The temperature in Sanctuary jumped 15 degrees as smoke filled the room – but not smoke-smoke- a midst – worship stopped then some of the worship team did unplanned solos that were amazing! Others dropped to their knees in reverence for the presence! The pastor collapsed to the floor! Others collapsed feeling the presence and holiness of God. Young kids said they saw a large hand waving over the congregation. Adults even said they saw the same event. The experience caused many to be healed physically without anyone praying for them. A couple in the midst of divorce felt Gods presence come over them and it instantly changed their relationship – what years of counseling had not done healing was done in a moment in His presence. A man walking by the church heard the music and was drawn in to the service as he entered he saw the divine midst – he ran to the altar dropped to his knees and gave his life to Jesus. He was a drug addict who became delivered that day and set free and became a part of the church!

I listened to about 20 or so of these kind of miraculous stories! Each story pierced my heart on the ride down to IHOP, I felt God’s presence, I felt him encouraging me, I cried some, I laughed some because the Lord and I had this special moment for 7 hours in the car! I love stories of miracles! It was amazing – the 7 hour trip seemed to be a one hour trip and then boom I was at IHOP.

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