Sermon Series
  • 1. Sinners Who've Found Grace

    Contributed on Feb 19, 2014

    God encourages His children to rejoice in their salvation through Jesus, even if they are experiencing suffering. Holy living is not a product of ‘smooth sailing’. It is a choice, regardless of life-events or life-circumstances.

    WAC2BL: Redeemed Scripture Text: 1 Peter 1.17-23 INTRODUCTION Someone asked-a-question: “What’s a WAC2BL?” ~ For starters, …it’s the theme for the next-several-weeks. But, more-than-that, …WAC2BL is a question… …It’s a question more

  • 2. Forgiven & Forgiving

    Contributed on Feb 26, 2014

    Our relationship with God begins with forgiveness; but forgiveness is at the heart of relationships with fellow Christians. Forgiveness is not a commodity that we receive. It impacts our life to the degree that we want to share what we've received.

    WAC2BL: Forgiven & Forgiving Scripture Text: Colossians 3.12-14 INTRODUCTION I’ve been thinking-about some of the most-highly-rated television shows over the past 30 years: Star Trek, M*A*S*H*, Cheers, Seinfeld, Lost. Of some-of these-shows, I’ve been an avid-fan ~ and more

  • 3. Christ-Like

    Contributed on Feb 26, 2014

    One of the clearest statements contained within Scripture, regarding the purpose and goal of Christian faith, is this passage: “Imitate God… in everything you do. Live a life filled with love, following the example of Christ.”

    WAC2BL: Christlike Scripture Text: Ephesians 5.1-2, NLT INTRODUCTION When we listen to a passage - like Ephesians 5 - …we should imagine ourselves sitting in someone’s living-room ~ …or sitting on the back-porch of a friend’s house ~ …and listening to our more

  • 4. Taking The Good News To Others

    Contributed on Feb 27, 2014

    The church that embraces the mission of God and looks beyond itself ~ identifying ways to reach the lost, draw in the wandering, touch others for Jesus’ sake ~ this is the church that will be alive and making beautiful harmony with the Holy Spirit

    WAC2BL: Missional ~ Taking the Good News to Others Scripture Text: Matthew 10.1-10 INTRODUCTION Rick Warren’s book called, A Purpose Driven Life… has had a dramatic impact upon millions of people. He explains life is not aimless, wandering; …but-that God has created more

  • 5. Holiness Is Our Message, Our Goal, Our Calling

    Contributed on Feb 27, 2014

    This is holiness: to love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength. This is holiness: to love your neighbor has yourself. This is holiness: to recognize our identity and our purpose, both wrapped up in the work of God.

    WAC2BL: Holiness Is Our Message, Our Goal, Our Calling Scripture Text: 1 Peter 2.9-17 (9-12) INTRODUCTION Last week we discovered that mission and purpose are characteristics of God’s design for His Church. We are not an aimless ship, wandering the seas of history, …blown more

  • 6. Honoring One Another In Love

    Contributed on Feb 27, 2014

    Purpose of Sermon: To explore the meaning of honoring Christian brothers and sisters and to encourage the congregation to select someone that they can honor before the day is done.

    WAC2BL: Honorable ~ Honoring One Another Scripture Text: Romans 12.9-13 INTRODUCTION It’s nothing new to expect that a person would-act according to a code-of-conduct. For-example… the investment-banker, turned-swindler – Bernie Madoff – …broke a more

  • 7. Family

    Contributed on Feb 27, 2014

    Two-fold: first, to recognize that the relationships/inter-connections within this church family are first and foremost a product of the redeeming, providential work of God the Father. Secondly, the result of this reality should be a response of celebra

    WAC2BL: Family Scripture Text: Ephesians 1.3-8 INTRODUCTION Aren’t families a funny-thing!?! They come in all-kinds of shapes-and-sizes ~ …each with a different-personality-and-style! For-example, you’ve got Ray-and-Deborah Barone (of Everyone Loves Raymond), more

  • 8. United

    Contributed on Feb 27, 2014

    The purpose of this sermon is two-fold: to explore Jesus’ prayer for unity and the Scriptural mandates for unity to occur; and secondly, to enlist the congregation’s commitment to see it happen among us!

    WAC2BL: United Scripture Text: John 17.20-23 INTRODUCTION I have played on some really-rotten basketball teams! It’s no fun. Even-though I love the game, …teammates make such a difference! When the others on the team are selfish, …half-hearted, …arrogant ~ more