Sermon Series
  • 1. "Why Can't I Find Happiness"

    Contributed on Jul 3, 2017
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    There is a simple reason why most of us cannot find happiness.

    THE PURSUIT OF REAL HAPPINESS “What can’t I find Happiness? Philippians 1:1-8 When I was in high school I was invited to a Bible study that took place in (of all places) a local cotton gin. The county I grew up in was a huge producer of cotton and still is. The Bible study took place inside more

  • 2. "Let's Start A Movement!"

    Contributed on Jul 10, 2017

    If I want to learn to be truly happy, I want to learn from someone who didn’t have everything just handed to them, I want to learn from someone who had some struggles and was still happy. So I choose to learn from the Apostle Paul.

    “Let’s start a Movement!” Philippians 1: 9-19 For those of us who really enjoy reading your probably will aware that there is a book out there on every topic you can imagine. Many offer self-help; advice on how to change your life for how to achieve a particular goal. If you want to be wealthy more

  • 3. "First Things First"

    Contributed on Jul 17, 2017
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    Happiness is a choice. If you do not have it, it is no one else’s fault. It is because you have chosen otherwise. Arrange your priorities and choose the things that really matter.

    “First things First” Philippians 1:20-30 Here we find the great apostle Paul in prison in Rome. There would be some similarities in prison in that day and today but certainly there are some differences as well. In Paul’s day, the prisoner was often shackled, in chains to a guard. This guard more

  • 4. "We Can Work It Out"

    Contributed on Aug 7, 2017
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    Paul tells us to work out our salvation. We must remember when he said this he was speaking to believers not unbelievers. In this message we look at how to live out our faith according to Paul.

    THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS “We can Work it Out” Philippians 2:12-18 One of the most difficult things in life to maintain it to keep all things where they are all supposed to be at all times…. It’s called balance. Sometimes we feel like a clown at the circus who is trying to keep all the plates more