Sermon Series
  • 1. Pointing To The Light

    Contributed on Jan 11, 2009
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    John the Baptist knew who he was not and who he was, and accepted his task of pointing to Christ. Our mistakes are imagining that we are more than we are, or that we are less than we are. The real task is: just point to the light.

    My son and his wife live in a five-level townhouse in Reston, Virginia. You enter into a kind of combination corridor and stairwell at the second level. Typically I turn right when I arrive and go into the kitchen area. But when I leave that level to go to another one, I walk out of that kitchen more

  • 2. If It's Light, Let It Lead

    Contributed on Jan 18, 2009
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    MLK Sunday: to work in the darkness, we need light, lots of it, but it may show us things we don’t want to know. The Bible is light for life; the church makes us see its truth in ways that claim us; and Christ leads us to a healthy integrity

    If you are going to work in the darkness you need light. There is only so much you can do by feeling your way. You need light and lots of it. Last Wednesday night as my wife and I left Montgomery Hills Church, I noticed some poor soul in the driveway of the house next door. He had the hood more

  • 3. The Parable Of The Lighted Cabinets

    Contributed on Jan 25, 2009
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    Story form sermon about a man who put all the symbols of recognition on display, but no one noticed. Finally someone asked who helped him attain all this. The world does not need to see display cabinets; it needs to see the God who empowers us.

    Like it or not, every day, every moment, we send out messages about who we are. Whether it is about our work, our home, our civic life, our possessions, or our spirituality, we send out strong signals about what is in our very core. Those around us will receive those signals, make no mistake; more

  • 4. The Land Of The Midnight Sun

    Contributed on Feb 1, 2009

    Our culture has lived in sheer optimism, but that time is fading. We must seize the opportunity to minister while it is here; and if we do so, we will see bountiful rewards.

    My besetting sin, if you must know, is procrastination. Never do today what you can put off until tomorrow, for somehow tomorrow always seems to be even more than only a day away. It seems to be an eternity away, and so what if I do not do today what my To-Do list says I am to do? Who will know more

  • 5. Moles Or Souls?

    Contributed on Feb 21, 2009
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    Some of us choose darkness, like moles burrowing into the ground. Our behavior becomes obsessively demonic, for which there are consequences. The Gospel calls us to be what God has made us to be, creatures living in the light, with passion.

    Well, now, are you a mole or a soul? I want you to identify yourself, clearly and unequivocally, are you a mole or a soul? I suppose that does require a bit of explanation. A mole is a little creature that lives out its life underground, in the darkness, endlessly burrowing to and fro and more

  • 6. Seeing Through The Darkness

    Contributed on Feb 22, 2009
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    This is a time of profound darkness, when many things we have depended on fail. We may be among the curious crowd or the concerned companions, but we will eventually see. Who will be the next converted centurion?

    When you are suddenly plunged into darkness, that darkness is profound, and you cannot see anything. But wait a while, let your eyes adjust, and if there is a glimmer of light anywhere, you will begin to see and you will make your way through. The darkness will not be quite as dismal as you first more