Sermon Series
  • 1. God And Me

    Contributed on Aug 8, 2017

    Often we think of our strength, ability and education. We boast of our heritage and many other things. What about God and His role in our Life. Don't forget the grace of God.

    2 Sam. 7:1-4 v.1. Settled-Rest from all his enemies Will Satan leave you to enjoy the life on earth? He got permission to tempt Job(1:7-12). He confessed that I will go through the temptations (23:10). Even if he kills me I will trust him(13:15). Job spoke very kind of God(42:7). Satan asked more

  • 2. Be Still And Know

    Contributed on Aug 23, 2020

    Psalms reflect the olden historical days, also it serves as a mirror of our struggles and joys. God in this psalm is ever-present, ever-serving, and ever-defending.

    Text: Psalm 46 Theme: Be Still and see the Lord 1. TITLE OF THE PSALM The title of the Psalms comes from the Septuagint Greek version. Jews called it Tehillim (Praises – Psalm 145). Psalms have classified as Hymnals, prayers, wisdom teaching, and groups of random poems about God and his relation more

  • 3. Be Content

    Contributed on Sep 26, 2020

    The World runs after ungodly things and gains, whole life is spent on Chasing the wind without end. Watch out your conversation, be content with what you have for a satisfying life.

    Introduction: I greet you all in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. As per the will of God, we are meditating under the Theme: I will never leave you nor forsake you, ‘Uninterrupted Presence of God' in our lives. Today, we are meditating on the theme 'Be Content'. I am not more

  • 4. Trust In The Lord

    Contributed on Nov 30, 2020

    After all our daily tours, work, and business, we return to our own house, and it gives us immense joy while we enter our home. The reception of the beloved spouse, the smile of the children, and the joyful jump of the pets comforts us and reenergizes our body, soul, and mind.

    Text: Psalm 84 Theme: House of Blessings Introduction: Charles Spurgeon called this Psalm the Pearl of Psalms. Psalm 23 is most popular, 51 is most plaintive, 103 is most joyful, 119 is most deeply experimental, this is one of the sweetest of the Psalms of peace. Pilgrimage to the tabernacle was a more

  • 5. I Am No Longer Slave To Fear

    Contributed on Mar 22, 2021
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    Humanity caught with fear of ailments, sickness, pestilence, and death. The unknown worries taunt human beings. Psalmist says he delivered me from all my fears. Read and enjoy the blessings of God.

    Theme: “I’m no longer a slave to fear…For I am a child of God” Text: Psalm 34 “I sought the Lord,... he delivered me from all my fears, all my worries, and all my troubles”. 1. PSALM 34:1-7 HE DELIVERED FROM ALL MY FEARS Illustration: An airplane was going through very rough weather and more