Sermon Series
  • 1. Introduction To The Book Of James

    Contributed on Aug 25, 2014

    Introductory sermon in a series on the Book of James.

    If there is one thing we learned in the last five weeks as we spent some time going back to the basics of our faith, it is that our faith in Jesus is not just about what happens to me some day when my life here on earth ends. Living as a disciple of Jesus, as the ambassador for His kingdom, more

  • 2. Triumphing Over Temptation

    Contributed on Aug 25, 2014

    The process of temptation and sin and how to short circuit the process.

    When it comes to the sin in our lives, for many of us our first reaction is to blame someone else, perhaps even something like this. [“The Devil Made Me Do It” video] In a lot of ways, things haven’t changed a whole lot since Adam and Eve in the Garden. Let’s look at more

  • 3. Facebook Faith

    Contributed on Aug 25, 2014

    The difference between "Facebook" faith and genuine faith

    Perhaps some of you Facebook users have seen some posts like these recently. [Show Facebook posts] There are also some similar emails that make the rounds from time to time as well – you know the ones where a person claims to love Jesus and challenges you to forward the email to your more

  • 4. Speaking Words Of Life

    Contributed on Aug 25, 2014

    How to speak words of life

    During World War II, the United States Office of War developed a campaign to make people aware of the possibility of inadvertently providing the enemy with information that could endanger the lives of U.S. Servicemen. Although they developed a number of slogans that they used on posters to more

  • 5. A Christian Rescue Mission

    Contributed on Aug 25, 2014

    Caring Christians rescue straying sinners

    Take a look around you and answer this question? Who is not here today that should be? Think about that for a minute. Some of you have been members here at TFC for many years and as you think back, you can probably think of a lot of people who were once part of this body who are no longer here. And more

  • 6. Two Ways To Live

    Contributed on Aug 25, 2014
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    James contrasts two kinds of wisdom.

    Most of us probably know some people whose lives always seem to be in chaos and disorder. It seems like they are always just moving from one crisis to the next. And we also know other people who face equally difficult circumstances and yet have lives that are peaceful. As we continue our study more

  • 7. Am I A Friend Of God?

    Contributed on Aug 25, 2014

    James helps us to evaluate whether we are in fact friends of God

    Several years ago there was a popular worship song titled “I Am a Friend of God” which we used to sing here at TFC from time to time. But as I was reading the passage from James that we’ll be looking at this morning I began to wonder how many of the people that have sung and more

  • 8. The Priority Of Prayer

    Contributed on Aug 25, 2014
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    A mature disciple makes prayer the first response, not the last resort.

    A couple of months ago our dog, Susie, was apparently chasing some critter near our pool equipment, which resulted in several wires that are required for that equipment to work properly being broken. So I got my tools and equipment out and re-spliced all those wires and my equipment was working more

  • 9. Christian Trash Talk

    Contributed on Aug 25, 2014
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    James describes the difference between unrighteous condemnation and righteous discernment.

    This week AP sportswriter Jon Krawczynski wrote an article about the NBA playoffs that began with these words: Talk is cheap in these NBA playoffs, and it seems as if everyone wants in on the act. As the stakes grew in the first round, the venom being spewed became ever more toxic. Superstars more

  • 10. Hope For My Hurt

    Contributed on Aug 25, 2014

    Tomorrow's hope enables me to endure today's hurt.

    As many of you know, I officiate high school basketball and volleyball. As a high school official, I am subject to the control of the Arizona Interscholastic Association. The AIA determines what qualifications I must meet in order to work, they establish the game/match fees, they establish uniform more

  • 11. Wealth And My Spiritual Health

    Contributed on Aug 25, 2014

    The way I acquire and use wealth is a good measure of my spiritual health.

    I grew up in a typical blue collar family. My dad managed one of the very first fast food restaurants – the Lucky Wishbone – and my mom stayed at home taking care of four kids. She didn’t work outside the home until all of us got older, so for much of my life, our family got by on more

  • 12. Being Who God Created Me To Be

    Contributed on Aug 25, 2014

    How to know and follow God's will for my life.

    A middle-aged farmer wanted to be a preacher for years, but wasn't sure if it was God's will. One day, while he was working in the field, he decided to rest under a tree. As he looked up into the sky he saw that the clouds seemed to form into the letters P and C. As he thought about it, he realized more

  • 13. Finding Joy In My Trials

    Contributed on Aug 25, 2014

    How to experience joy in the midst of trials in our lives.

    Have you ever asked someone how they are doing and had them answer something like this: “Well, under the circumstances, I’m doing pretty well.”? When I hear someone say something like that I’m reminded of something that I heard many years ago. This quote from Rick Warren more