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Gary and Mary Jane Chauncey were totally devoted to their eleven-year-old daughter Andrea. Andrea was confined to a wheelchair because of cerebral palsy. Andrea was pretty insignificant to practically everyone except her parents.

The Chauncey family were passengers on an Amtrak train that was traveling through Lousiana. Earlier a barge had struck a bridge that unknowlingly weakened the structural integrity. The result was that the weight and vibration of the train caused the bridge to collapse as the train was passing over it.

The train cars tumbled into the swirling river. As often happens around bridges, the water was very deep. Between the debris of the train, the swirling river currents, and the escaping air that rushed from the sinking train cars, it took incredible courage and luck for people to survive. Andrea’s parents had one thing on their minds as the water rushed into their car: save Andrea. They managed to push Andrea through a window to rescuers just before the car sank to the bottom where they perished.

Stricken with such a debilitating disease, Andrea would probably never make any significant contribution to society. A parent’s love doesn’t consider the logical outcome. Love doesn’t consider the life of anyone insignificant. Neither does God.

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