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In 1968 an elderly man was walking down the street during the Hippy Movement. A young man was burning a flag, stomping on it and cursing it. The elderly man was frail and sick but he still walked up to the young man and said, “Boy, I don’t want no trouble with you and I’m too frail to beat you up, but for me will you stop doing that!” With tears streaming down his face he said, “Please won’t you stop doing that!?” The young man was not totally gone, he still had some respect for older people, so he said, “Mister, tell me something is this flag your god?” The elderly man said, “No, it’s not my God, but it’s everything I believe in and everything I stand for. When you spit and stand on that flag you stand on my body, you’re standing on my son that was killed in the last world war and you’re standing on everything I fought for in the First World War. Besides it reminds me of my God.” The young man was puzzled and he just couldn’t understand. So he asked, “How does old cloth remind you of your God?” The elderly man smiled and said it’s very simple, “The red reminds...

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