Jack's church

Fellowship Bible Church
Ft. Gibson, Oklahoma 74434

About Jack
  • Education: Doctorate of Ministry
  • Experience: Jack is the founder of Psuche Education, Counseling & Coaching Services. He is an ordained minister with 43 years of active ministry. He has an extensive history of serving churches as a pastor and intentional interim pastor. In addition, he is a licensed counselor, certified life coach, and sexual addiction counselor. As a counselor he has served primarily in residential facility for those struggling with addiction and mental health issues, serving as a clinical director, director of admissions and assessment, executive director, consultant, etc. He has been involved as a presenter at conferences in a variety of states and at an international conference. In his doctoral dissertation/project he integrated spirituality, human development theories and psychotherapy. He strives to bring to fruition his God-Given vision. • The desire to assist churches become healthy On Mission churches and to develop partnerships between churches and effectively reach the world according to Acts 1:8, • Equip leaders as they respond to God’s call and continue to serve in a mentoring relationship with them, and • Facilitate the creation of innovative mission strategies that will reach across socioeconomic, geographical, and cultural boundaries. A call to the self-giving lifestyle of Jesus has allowed him to serve while not making a distinction between titles, institutions in which he has served. From the local church to state owned and operated mental health facilities Jack has seen his God-given vision coming to fruition.
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