• Derek Geldart

    Contributing sermons since Dec 31, 2015
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McKees Mills Baptist Church
McKess Mills, New Brunswick E4V2W7

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  • Bearing Much Fruit!

    Contributed on Dec 6, 2023

    Jesus said, if you remain in Me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from Me you can do nothing. Imagine living so close to Jesus that even your prayers become prophetic utterances because they are given in His name and will!

    If You Remain in Me John 15:1-8 Online Sermon: As time unfolds, providing us with the opportunity for retrospective contemplation over weeks, years, and decades, we often find ourselves questioning the impact we've had on the world around us. more

  • If The World Hates You!

    Contributed on Nov 25, 2023
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    Jesus said, if the world hated Me, keep in mind it hate Me first! While not everyone faces physical violence, born again believers, who are not part of this world, can expect to be persecuted for Christ's name sake.

    If the World Hates You John 15:18-25 Online Sermon: Over 2,000 years ago the world received one of the best gifts ever given to humanity, a Babe lying in a manger! Despite lacking the “beauty of majesty to attract us to Him” (Isaiah 53:2), having no more

  • If You Love Me, Keep My Commands

    Contributed on Nov 19, 2023
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    Jesus said, if you love me keep my commands. To be holy as God is holy is an impossible task for us to accomplish on our own! Thankfully, Jesus sent us a Comforter, the Holy Spirit to reveal and empower us to obey God’s commands out of love.

    If You Love ME John 14:15-21 Online Sermon: How are the fallen to come to know, glorify, and obey a holy God of whom is wholly other? No being is like Him for He alone eternally existed before even time began! His ways are truly higher than our ways more

  • If You Know The Lord

    Contributed on Nov 12, 2023
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    If you have a personal relationship with the Lord then you are promised a home in heaven, you will know the way to get there, have a relationship with the Father, and be empowered to do anything asked for in His name and according to His will.

    If You Know Me John 14:1-14 Online Sermon: Today we are starting an exciting series called “IF/THEN.” You might recognize the term “if-then” from computer programming or logical reasoning in which a “conclusion is drawn from two premises, one of more

  • What Is Christianity?

    Contributed on Nov 4, 2023
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    More than ever this world needs to know the identity of Christ. He is both fully God and man at the same time. This matters for He alone is the atoning sacrifice for our sins and the only way, truth, and life by which we get to heaven.

    What is Christianity? 1 John 1:1-4 Online Sermon: “Number of years ago, in preparation for a discussion period on a Christian radio program, an interviewer went into the streets of Philadelphia to ask people this question: “What is Christianity?” The more

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