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Made for Mission

This 6 week series is designed to unlock the amazing truth that every child of God was Made for Mission.

As you journey together through the teaching of Scripture, there is no doubt that your community will grow in their understanding of what it means to surrender their lives to the radical calling of Jesus Christ who whispers to every heart, "Follow me."


In this series you'll encounter six very ordinary people who came in contact with Jesus and how they walked away radically changed. In each case, an encounter with Jesus led these people to the life they were put on the planet to lead. They became fully alive. Isn't that what you dream of for your church? May Jesus lead your church to more than you could ever dream of as they uncover how they were made for mission.


  • 6 Mini Movies
  • 1 Sermon Bumper
  • 1 PowerPoint Template
  • 1 Countdown Video
  • 1 Series Planning Guide
  • Social Media Images


Six sermons centered around God's calling for your church and the community. Ready for you to customize and make your own. We've taken the work out of sermon preparation so that you have more time to impact you community.

Title Scripture Preview
We are all Called! Matthew 9:9 Preview ยป
What's my Mission? Luke 9
What's my Message? Mark 5
Who is my Mission? John 2
Why am I on Mission? John 13
Bring Someone With You Luke 8:40-42

Sermon Videos

Start your sermon off strong by introducing your message with a unique sermon bumper for the series services. This Total Prep Package comes with a unique sermon bumper for the Made in Mission sermon series. It will engage and center the heart of your audience on the topic of the message before you begin to preach.

PowerPoint Templates

The Made for Mission Sermon Series comes with a premium PowerPoint Template to help you visualize the main points you'll share with your church. This template features every week's topic in a bold design that is sure to keep your congregation fixed on the importance of God's calling for your Church.

Social Media Graphics

Announce your sermon series on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, etc. You'll get graphics designed to generate attention through various social media platforms. Along with simply announcing your services on social media, you can ask each church member to like, share, and comment on the page. They can even post photos of their small groups and favorite church activities.

Mini Movies

Get the point of the message across with these 6 mini-movies. The mini-movies in the Made for Mission Sermon Series were specifically created to connect your audience to the message in video form. With a retail value of $100, this series will increase the production quality of your service at a value that can't be beat.

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