Summary: Sermon discussing the power of reaching for your destiny...

Scripture: Phillipians 3:12-14

Title: “Your Destiny Is Within Your Reach!”

I. Introduction:

The one thing that really keeps us from obtaining our destiny and from going to the next level in God and that holds us back is our past.

Your destiny is well within your reach!!

Talk about other things that we use to blame our progress being hindered on. (I.E, God, other people, past mistakes, etc..)

Define “The past”

Why does our past limit us so much??

Because for many of us there’s so much hurt, pain, heartache, heartbreak, trauma, dysfunction, unknown, and mistakes, and guilt, etc… That has built up over the years, and we don’t let it go!!!

We end up allowing these emotions and feelings to control us, developing a mindset of bondage, where we constantly now are reliving our past, reliving the hurt the pain, and the heartache because we feel it is the only way to survive.

We become trapped in our past & we allow our past to control our future!!! (Elaborate)

It is a form of bondage!!!

In order to reach your God-given destiny you’ve got to begin to REACH beyond your past & STRETCH into your FUTURE!!!!

II. Body: Defining the word, “Reach”

A.) “To extend or stretch”

You have to stretch beyond your past!!

Example: Talk about how the body reacts to stretches when you stretch, pull, & push it, and how that relates to reaching.

Stretching involves you coming up out of your comfort zone, and extending beyond that to new heights and places in God!!!

B.) “To attain or arrive at by effort, labor, or study.”

In order to get to your destiny you are going to have to put some work into it!!!

Your destiny and the blessings that come with it are not just going to fall into your lap!! (Elaborate.)

The Bible says “Study to show thyself approved, not unto man but unto God!!”

“As a man soweth, that shall he also reap!”

C.) “To penetrate or take by force.”

In order to reach your destiny in God you are going to have to use some force, take some risks, and be aggressive. Why?

Because the last thing the enemy wants you to do is to reach your God-given destiny. So just as hard as you are fighting to get to your destiny, is just as hard as he is fighting against it!!! (Elaborate.)

You’ve got to learn how to talk back to the enemy!!! (Elaborate.)

The Bible says, “The kingdom suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force!!!”


III. Encourage & exhortation:

Encourage the people of God to forget about their past, stop letting the enemy hold them in bondage, and to begin to reach forth towards their destiny!!!!


IV. Conclusion:

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