Summary: This is the 3rd sermon in the "Life’s Challenges" series. This sermon looks at what direction sin can take you and how to be cleansed of it.

Sunday Morning November 11, 2001 Bel Aire Baptist Church, Hobbs, NM

Series: Life’s Challenges [#3]


2 Samuel 11-12; Psalm 51


I have made some terrible decisions in my life but there have been some that were just unbelievably bad. I grew up in a very strict Southern Baptist home. My dad is a deacon at his church and let me assure you he did not take well to his boys doing something that would make him look like he was not teaching us in the ways of God. My dad drove home the point many times that if we ever were thrown in jail that we would have to get ourselves out.

One Friday night, I went with 8 other guys out drinking. We were driving around out on the country roads and 6 of us were in the back of a pick-up. We started getting out of hand and began throwing these beer bottles out the back of the truck. It wasn’t long before someone hit a car. Unfortunately, it was a Sheriff’s car and he was in it. He pulled us over and proceeded to take all of us to jail. Once we arrived at the city jail, our parents were called to come get us. As each of my friends left I began to remember what my dad had said and when the officer came and told me, “I’m sorry, but the number you gave me to call is a man that says to tell you he hopes you get out.” I learned a hard lesson that night as I got to stay in jail without any of my friends being there.

As the title of this sermon state, I really messed up and I knew it. I so badly wanted to go back in time and handle that whole situation differently, but it was too late. The mistake had already been made. We have all made mistakes like this in life and as we look at “Life’s Challenges” this morning let’s identify someone else that really messed up and what he did to solve this problem.

Turn with me to 2 Samuel 11.

I. The Sin

A. Sin #1: Adultery (2 Samuel 11:2-5)

1. David saw her and wanted her.

2. David sent someone to get her.

3. David committed adultery with Bathsheba.

B. Sin #2: Deceit (2 Samuel 11:6-13)

1. David finds out that Bathsheba is pregnant and comes up with a plan to make it look like that baby is not his but her husband.

2. David has Joab go get Uriah (Bathsheba’s husband) and tell him to take a couple of days off and spend with his wife.

3. Unfortunately for David, the plan did not work. Uriah did not go home because he felt like it would not be fair to the other soldiers. David even tries to get him drunk and then send him home, but that did not work either.

C. Sin #3: Murder (2 Samuel 11:14-27)

1. David’s plans have not worked and so as they say, “Desperate times call for desperate measures.” David has no choice but to get rid of Uriah.

2. David sends a letter to Joab that puts Uriah on the front line. Once Uriah was on the front line, he was put in a no-win situation and was killed.

3. After David so kindly let Bathsheba mourn the death of her husband, she married David.

II. The Shame [Read these verses and summarize]

A. Anger (2 Samuel 12:1-6)

B. Anguish (2 Samuel 12:7-10)

C. Answer (2 Samuel 12:11-14)

III. The Solution (Psalm 51) [Read these verses and summarize]

A. Confession Of Sin (Psalm 51:1-6)

B. Cleansing Of Sin (Psalm 51:7-11)

C. Celebration Of Salvation (Psalm 51:12-19)


Yes, David really messed up. Yes, there are consequences for our sins.

Notice 2 Samuel 12:24-25. The LORD loved David so much that He forgave David, He forgot about the sin, and He blessed him with another son, Solomon.

God loves you that much too. He wants you to be forgiven and cleansed of the sin in your life. God sent Jesus to die on a cross so that you could be washed and made to be whiter than snow.

Confess your sins this morning to God so that you will be cleansed and then praise God for what a Mighty God He is.

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