Summary: This is the 11th sermon in the Action Series. This series began during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Series: Action [#11]


Acts 5:12-16


The amount of drama that has come out of this week is more than I want to deal with. The World is still dealing with COVID-19 and the numerous decisions each Country and State makes. Then add to it the chaos and destruction by those protesting the death of George Floyd. (His death should not have happened; but the violence, looting, and hatred is just as evil. Statistically, 75% of the people doing all of this were brought in by groups wanting to cause trouble, not protest.)

I have blocked and unfollowed many people on my Facebook this week. The very people that have been supporting the Governor’s social distancing garbage; are supporting all of the looting, destruction, and hatred from the George Floyd death. It’s not ok to open businesses and economies to hard working people, because they may get the virus; but it is ok for people to destroy and steal together. What I haven’t done is post what I want to say. I blocked these people or unfollowed them instead. Why? Because I know what I put in print will be remembered by some for a long time; and I don’t want to hurt all of the good that has been done by posting Scripture each day.

Acts 5:12-16

As I was preparing for this sermon, I kept thinking about what is said in verse 15- “As a result, people brought the sick into the streets and laid them on beds and mats so that at least Peter’s shadow might fall on some of them as he passed by”. The Temple area in Jerusalem covered 26 acres. On the eastern side of the Temple, (in the court of Solomon) the Apostles were gathered and preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. People knew that Peter would be passing by on his way to the Temple. There was a limited amount of people he could touch, so people found out the way Peter was going to the Temple in order to bring their sick to lay along the way; so at least the shadow of Peter would fall on them and they would be healed. This fact made me think about the influence that Peter had that he didn’t even realize. You never know whom you can influence in your life.

The influence of your life can…

1. Outlive you.

We could spend days talking about the people in history that has had an influence on our lives. Peter is not the only Christian in our text that has been remembered for thousands of years. Some of these people, (like the Apostles) we know; while others that were there, will never be known by us- Either way, their lives influenced others long after they died. The same is true with every person’s life. There are repercussions of a person’s influence that never stops.

Who do you remember that fits this statement? “Although this person is no longer living, they have had great influence over my life.”

The influence of your life can…

2. Bring destruction.

I know that when I just asked the question about who has been an influence in your life, you probably wrote down names of positive influences; but there are influences in your life that have not been for the good. In a sense, a person doesn’t die when they die. The influence of their life can linger on. I know that we automatically think of people like Hitler or Stalin that had a destructive influence in the world and still have an influence on many people; but even the man after God’s own heart, (David) had some destructive influence on his family.

2 Samuel 12:10

I pray that my mistakes do not have a long-lasting influence on those around me; but most likely, it did. For those of you that grew up around terrible influences, it is not an excuse for you to do the same. You can break those family destructive behaviors. What are those things that you do not want to be known for?

Romans 5:10

The influence of your life can…

3. Bring victory.

The influence in your life that should be the most important to you, is the influence of Jesus. What Jesus did on the cross and resurrecting from the dead can change the outcome of any person’s life.

When you allow the Holy Spirit to guide you in all that you do, you will be an influence to people that brings victory. The Apostles and Christians were healing people and leading people to Jesus on a daily basis. Those Christians have no idea of how many lives were changed for generations because of their faithfulness to God. Who are those people that have been a godly influence to you?

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