Summary: God has been after you for along time. He has pursued you despite time, nature and yourself.

“The pursuit of God”

{Acts 17:24-27}

In confronting the thinking of the Athenians, Paul begins correcting their view of the “Unknown God” as he says in verse 23;

“Now what you worship as something unknown, I am going to proclaim to you.”

He begins by taking them back to the beginning of time, when all things were created by this God who is unknown to them.

He tells them that this God who made the world and everything in it, is the Lord of heaven and earth, and he does not live in temples built by human hands.

He goes on to tell them in verse 25 that it is this God who gives all humans, life and breath and everything else.

Then in verse 26 he says that this creator God caused every nationality to spring forth from one man and he did this, so they would inhabit the whole earth.

Paul tells them that this God did not just scatter man all over the world like a sower sowing seeds, No, this God had already determined exactly when all these different nationalities would spring forth and even the exact places where they should live.

And the reason why he did this was so that all men everywhere, would seek him and reach out for him and find him, because he would not be far from any of them.

Paul in these verses is talking about the pursuit of God and what God has done on his part to make our finding him easy. And at the same time he talks about mans pursuit of God and how plain God has made it for humans to find him.

And so this morning I too would like to speak to you about the pursuit of God, and I too would like to approach it from both perspectives, that is from the point of view what God has done on his part to make it plain for YOU to find HIM and what YOU need to do on YOUR part if you desire to find him.

And I too would like to take you back to the beginning, to the creation of this world and everything in it, back to where it all begin, this pursuit of God.

And my reason for doing so is that it is there that we first meet God, it is in the beginning where we get our first picture of him, in fact in Gen.1:1 it is with those exact words that the story begins.

“In the beginning, God” (Gen.1:1)

Now there it doesn’t say anything about him it just says; “In the beginning, God.”

You see, the Bible never starts out by giving evidences for God existence, it just says that He did exist, that’s where faith comes in and even faith is a gift from God.

The Bible goes on to say that in the beginning God created, now that says something about His power.

It says that he created the heavens and the earth; now this tells us something about how much power, but it doesn’t tells us everything about all of his power.

It says; That the earth was with out form and void,,, and the spirit of the Lord moved upon the face of the deep, and God said; Let there be ???????

Now I need you to help me out here with this sermon, I’ll give you part of the verse and then you help me finish it off O.K.? Now I need you to do that for two reason’s;

1. So that I’ll know that your still with me and I haven’t lost you as I continue on and develop my points.

2. So just in case I forget what I’m talking about, you can help bring me back to the point to where I got lost.

Let’s try it one more time; And God said, let there be ???????

Now the Bible goes on to tell us that when God said let the be Light, there was ???????

Now I don’t know if it made a loud thundering sound, like a bolt of lightening when this light appeared, maybe it didn’t make any kind of sound at all, but one thing I do know and that is that when God saw the light, he said that the light was ??????? {GOOD}.

The Bible goes on to tell us that he made the sky, to separate the waters above from the waters below and that was good too.

He then pushes the water off to one side and the dirt to the other, separating the waters from the land, and guess what? That was Good too.

Then he made the sun to take care of the day and the moon and stars to take care of the night, and that’s good.

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