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The Most Important Lesson I Could Ever Teach

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Sep 16, 2011

Summary: A sermon regarding Peter's lesson of how to spend time alone in the Book, studying the Book for yourself, and having time alone with God.

This morning, I’ve titled my message “The Most Important Lesson I Could Ever Teach,” and I want you to know that’s not an exaggeration. It’s not something I just thought to get your attention. I really believe this. And in some ways, I believe that this is the most important lesson I ever learned. In fact, if this were the only lesson I ever learned, it would be enough. It’s the lesson that in this passage, you’ll see Peter is saying himself, he says I am going to die soon, but you have to get this. So in some ways, it’s the thing that he felt like I have to impart this before I die. And what this lesson is about is something I was taught when I was in high school, and I was taught the lesson of how to spend time alone in this Book, studying this Book for myself, and having this time alone with God. Once I figured out how to read this Book, which it’s really not hard especially nowadays with all the helps and everything you’ve got on the Internet, once I figured that out, and once I began to study, and learn this for myself, I was ok. That’s really all I needed because now I could open up this Book and just know what God has to say to me and just do what it says. I wasn’t going to spend the rest of my life dependent on other people to explain it to me. I could just do it by myself. In fact, I don’t know how people- Because I know a lot of you don’t read the Bible for yourself, and personally, I don’t know how you can pull off following God in our culture, in our world without this time alone with God. This is great. You learn from someone else, and you can listen to other messages. But there’s something so different when you study it for yourself, when you spend that time studying it for yourself because the truth is for me it’s the only time when I can’t lie. I can lie to you. I very easily can lie to you. I believe I have the ability to lie to anyone. I’m that good- great quality to have in your pastor. It’s really not that hard to deceive someone. I can pretend that I’m humble. I know the way to say it and the looks on my face and just the right words to make you think that I’m humble or to make you think that I’m close to God or to think whatever you want to think about me. We get pretty good at communication; most of us are pretty good at communicating who we want other people to think we are. But then there’s that time when you’re alone with God, and there’s no one to lie to, and there’s one person who right now knows. Even as I’m speaking right now, you don’t know what goes on in my heart and what thoughts are going on and the intention of my words. Maybe I’m saying it to make myself sound better. Maybe I’m telling you this so that you don’t think that I’m really thinking. There’s all of that going on. You don’t know, but then I’m alone with God’s Word. Then I’m alone, and I’m studying the Book for myself, and here’s God telling me I’ve got to do something. And here’s a God that knows not only my word but also the intention of my heart.

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Lisa Clark Santiago avatar
Lisa Clark Santiago
0 days ago
What were the scripture he was going to put on the screen for everyone? I am not a pastor i was just watching this sermon on youtube and it didnt show the scripture to study. Thanks
Kathi Berry avatar
Kathi Berry
0 days ago
Mathw 17 and 2 Peter 1-12
Daniel C. Malloy avatar
Daniel C. Malloy
0 days ago
Praise God, great sermon except the very end. DONT picture yourself, this is a type of hypnotism and contemplative prayer. This might be "picky" but I "tremble at His word"

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