Summary: A message reminding us that we are ambassadors for Christ. Men and women need to be reconciled to God and God uses His children to deliver this message! We are His ambassadors...what a privilege.

e[Scripture Introduction]

[Read Text] Notice with II Corinthians 5:11-21

[Introduction] They worked in their family business. More than likely, unless something went wrong they would inherit the business and carry on a long line of family tradition. They were good at what they did. Their father was good at what they did…his name was known in the area. One day these two young men, while working on some of their equipment, looked up and saw Him. From this day forward their life would never be the same, their priorities would never be same, their influence and impact on the world would reach farther than they ever could imagine. Their names—they were known as the “sons of Zebedee,” their names were James and John. And that day they saw—they saw Jesus—and standing beside him were their rivals down the dock—Andrew and Peter. After a brief conversation, Jesus invited them to leave their nets and join Himself, Andrew and Peter as they proceeded to learn how to become “fishers of men.”

Why would Christ ask someone to walk away from their occupation, walk away from the family business and their family, walk away from that which seems secure and to follow Him into what they perceived to be unknown? Why did they need to become “fishers of men?” Why is there a need to be “ambassadors of Christ?” This passage of Scripture, among many others, answers that question. [FCF] The answer is men and women need to be RECONCILED to God.

[Proposition] God has chosen you as an ambassador for Christ so the world can know how to be reconciled to God.

Today, through this passage, we will answer three questions about being an ambassador for Christ and how this relates to the “Call for Missions.”

[Main Point #1] Are YOU an ambassador for Christ? (v. 20a)

[Sub-Point #1] If you are a new creation, then you are an Ambassador for Christ.(vv. 15, 17)

[Sub-Point #2] If you have been reconciled to God you are an ambassador for Christ (v. 18)

[Illustration] I used the illusration about the demoniac whom Jesus told to be His ambassador after he requested to go with Christ.

[Main Point #2] What role do you fulfill as an ambassador? (vv. 20b)

[Sub-Point #1] God makes His appeal through YOU—“as though God did beseech you by us” (Romans 10:14-15)

[Sub-Point #2] God implores sinners through YOU—“we PRAY you in Christ’s stead, be ye reconciled to God.” (see v. 11)

[Illustration] Personal Illustration


[Main Point #3] What message do you share as an ambassador? (v. 21)

[Sub-Point #1] YOU must share the message of substitution (v. 14-“Christ died for all,” v. 15-“he died for all”)

[Sub-Point #2] YOU must share the message of separation(v. 14-“then were all dead”--sinners are separated from God)

[Sub-Point #3] YOU must share the message of salvation (v. 21)



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