Summary: This is the 192nd sermon in the series "Action".

Series: Action [#192]


Acts 28:11-31


Today, is the beginning of what I call “Fickle Sunday”. I know that you are thinking, “No, it is Palm Sunday”. I say this, because the people were shouting, “Hosanna”, (which means save) on Sunday; and shouting, “Crucify Him” on Friday. They were praising Jesus as the Messiah, and a few days later wanted Him dead. How typical of people. Now, the Religious Leaders of the day were the people stirring up all of the trouble. The enemy was using them to cause trouble between the people- He was confusing them to the truth.

As we finish the Book of Acts, Paul was dealing with the same fickleness that Jesus dealt with; and that is still happening today. We will see that Paul makes it to Rome and that is where he stayed until he died.

Acts 28:11-24

I want you to see the fickleness of the people. Some were saved; but most were not. They argued about the words Paul used; which they should have known the Scripture from Isaiah 6:9-10 that Paul quoted.

Acts 28:25-29

People have fickle…

1. Hearing.

Isaiah wrote that the Jewish people will be ever hearing but never understanding. He also says that they will hardly hear with their ears. If they will hear with their ears, understand with their hearts, and turn; God will heal them. I have often talked about people not listening with their hearts; but this Scripture reminds me that there are so many people not listening with their ears. It must register in their minds via their hearing, so that their hearts can be changed.

My Dad’s hearing is almost non-existent without his hearing aids, and not much better with his hearing aids. I think that sometimes he is guessing at what is being said; because he is having a different conversation than I am. Because of that, I have to make sure he hears exactly what I am saying. Are you listening to God with your ears?

People have fickle…

2. Eyes.

Isaiah wrote that the Jewish people will be ever seeing but never perceiving. He also says that they will close their eyes. If they will open their eyes, hear with their ears, understand with their hearts, and turn; God will heal them. Again, I have talked about opening the eyes of your heart; but for most people, (not Tharon) they need to open their eyes and pay attention to what is going on. Tharon, (being totally blind) does not have the sense of sight; so he has to use other senses. The rest of us have no excuses- Open your eyes, capture everything in your mind for God to deal with, and open the eyes of your heart.

People have fickle…

3. Hearts.

Isaiah wrote that the Jewish people’s hearts have become calloused. If they will see with their eyes, hear with their ears, understand with their hearts, and turn; God will heal them. This sentence is so important that I have read it in the Scripture Reading and put it in all 3 points. After you see, hear, and understand with your heart; you have to turn. That means that you have to make the decision to repent- Stop, make a 180 degree turn, and go in a different direction. Without repentance, there will be no change.


On this Palm Sunday, I pray that if you have been fickle, (wishy washy) that you open your eyes, hear with your ears, understand with your heart, turn; and let God heal you this morning.

Acts 28:30-31

Paul continued to preach the Gospel with boldness and without hindrance until he died. While no one knows exactly what happened to Paul, most historians believe that Nero, (who was searching out and killing as many Christians as possible and had the Temple in Jerusalem burned down) had Paul beheaded.

I pray that we will each proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ with boldness and without hindrance, until God takes us Home.

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