Summary: A look at seven things that hold us back from getting the miraculous answer to prayer that God has for us.

A Sad Truth: Not everyone gets the answer God was willing to give.

- Matthew 9:30a.

Seven Barriers To Getting Your Miracle:

1. Can’t see things clearly.

- Matthew 9:27 – “two blind men”

2. Public ridicule.

- Matthew 9:27 – “calling out”

- The Greek word for “calling out” means that they were screaming, not just politely asking. They called out not caring what the crowd thought.

3. Personal pride.

- Matthew 9:27 – “Have mercy on us”

4. Ignorance.

- Matthew 9:27 – “Son of David”

5. Persistence.

- Matthew 9:28 – “When He had gone indoors”

6. Boldness.

- Matthew 9:28 – “the blind men came to Him”

7. Faith.

- Matthew 9:28b-30a.

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