Summary: A message I preached after one of our saints died.


Rev. 21:1-27

Intro: Songs about Heaven, thinking about it with the passing of the saint of our church. . .

I. Heaven is Wonderful

A. The City

1. Streets of Gold like transparent glass

2. The city is made of Gold like glass

3. 12 foundations each made of a different precious stone

4. 12 gates, 3 per wall, each made of a single pearl

5. No temple—the Lamb & God are physically present to worship

6. Walls are made of Jasper

7. Many mansions

8. Gates aren’t shut—no night

9. The tree of life in the midst of the garden

10. All things new

11. The fountain of the water of life

B. The Citizens

1. No tears or crying—wiped away by God

2. No sorrow

3. No pain

4. No death

C. The Conditions

1. No sinners

2. Nothing that defiles

II. Heaven is Worth It

A. Trials—the battles we as Christians face

B. Temptations—the victories over sin

C. Toils—the work we do for the Lord

III. Heaven is waiting

A. It’s Promised

B. It’s Purchased

C. It’s Prepared

D. It’s Perfect