Summary: This message shows three distinct phases of Faith.


Text: John 11 Tell the story of the death of Lazarus.

I. Struggling Faith (Martha) vv 20-27

A. A person in deep water.

1. Trying to find something to cling to.

2. But it is just out of reach.

B. If you only had been here Jesus (Martha)

1. My brother would still be alive.

2. God will give you what you ask.

3. Not what I ask.

C. Your Brother will rise again.

1. I know. In the last day.

2. I am the resurrection and the life.

3. Mary says “I know you are the Christ.”

II. Clinging Faith (Mary and the crowd) vv 32-37

A. Hanging on the side of a boat.

1. Found something to cling to.

2. But still struggling.

B. If you had only been here. (Mary and the crowd)

1. Lazarus would still be alive.

2. Surely Jesus could have done something

a. When Lazarus was alive.

b. But not now.

III. Resting faith (Those who rolled away the stone) vv 40-41

A. In the boat.

1. Secure. No more struggle.

2. Out of the water.

B. Roll away the stone. (v. 39)

1. Surely he stinks. (Are you sure Lord?)

2. They finally rested in His word. (v. 41)

C. Resulted in reward. (v. 44)

Conclusion: One other result.

And the people believed.

And they went and told about it.

Struggling faith may get you to the clinging faith stage.

But they will not get you to the resting stage.

Just clinging is not enough.

Come to me all who labor and heavy laden and I will give you rest.

Full commitment to Him. Not just struggling with scripture.

Labor to rest. (Heb 4: 9-11) read and close.