Summary: When we truly believe what God has said, we will watch him work in his time, for his glory and we will be amazed!

Abraham was a man that had a close walk with his God. Throughout the text, God speaks to Abraham and gives him a promise that would pass on through generations. Although the promise of a son was very difficult to believe from a human perspective, the fulfillment of God’s promise was sure.

You see, Issac was the "child of promise." His birth would become a work of God’s grace alone. Grace is always God working instead of us! At first, Abraham looked for the human solution to the promise of God. There was a problem with this human solution. All that Abraham received for his efforts was Ismael. At eighty-six years of age, the Bible said that "Abraham’s strength was still there." At 100 years of age, "his body was as good as dead.’ (Romans 4:19). It is clear from Scripture that there was absolutely no possibility for man’s "help" with the promise of God. There was no longer any way for Abraham and Sarah to have a son naturally. THEN ISSAC CAME!

Abraham through this miracle, was shown that he himself was not the father, the source, of anything. God waits until we have reached the end of ourselves, and THEN Issac comes! When we are truly in communion with God, we KNOW what it is like to wait for God’s timing. For any of us to attempt to "Help God" can be to injure his work.


We can bring Ismael on the scene at any time; there is only ONE time for Issac! This is "kairos" time. God’s special time! Let me ask the following question: "Shall we decide to wait for Issac, or shall we determine to have Ishmael in his place?

You see, ANY time is convenient for Ishmael! But for God to have complete dominion over us means that we MUST come to the extreme end of ourselves. And yet, to KNOW that God has spoken to us EVEN ONCE, is better than a lifetime of our own human striving.

The more utter the impossibility of doing a thing ourselves, the more glory we give to God alone who does it!! And what God does IS ALWAYS very good!

Life Application:

There must be an Issac, a new birth. When Issac came into his position and was recognized as the son, THEN Ishmael was cast out. It is CHRIST dwelling in us who truly sets us free!! Will you wait for Issac?