Summary: One of the offices of the Holy Spirit is to guide us into all truth. What is truth? How do we discern it? What are the benefits of this truth?

The Divine Spirit of Truth


What is another work of the Holy spirit?

To guide us into all truth, that we may be sanctified.

How can we tell what is truth?


Charles Spurgeon once told of sitting in a nice restaurant. As he ate he kept noticing a rather angry looking man across the dining room who scowled at him every time he looked his way. Finally Spurgeon decided to go over and speak to the man to see what his problem was. However, as he stood he realized that what he had been seeing was his own reflection in mirrors that lined the walls across the room. We may not always like what we see in the mirror of God’s Word but what we see there is always the truth and always the best!

The Holy Spirit will guide us into all truth. He will lead us to understand His word, He will teach us. How is this possible for God to teach us? How do I know that the voice that I am listening to is the Holy Spirit’s voice. How can I discern what I am hearing is the Spirit of truth? First we need to define what is truth according to the Bible. Then we need to recognize what is the purpose of the truth, then we will be able to discern the truth.

a)What is truth? Thy law is truth.(Ps.119:142,151).

Proverbs 16:6;jn.8:32

The law contained in the commandments is truth, how is it that people will neglect to observe his law which in fact is a testimony of His character? When we trample upon His law we likewise trample upon God’s character?

Thus our character’s cannot be formed according to His when we neglect to conform to His law.

b)Thy word is truth.(jn.17:17).

What is the purpose of the truth?

The word of truth has power to sanctify us. When we are obedient to His Truth then we may be transformed into His likeness. Yet, do we seek after it as though it were life and death- that our salvation depended upon it?

“The sanctification now gaining prominence in the religious world carries with it a spirit of self-exaltation and a disregard for the law of God that mark it as foreign to the religion of the Bible. Its advocates teach that sanctification is an instantaneous work, by which, through faith alone, they attain to perfect holiness. "Only believe," say they, "and the blessing is yours." No further effort on the part of the receiver is supposed to be required. At the same time they deny the authority of the law of God, urging that they are released from obligation to keep the commandments. But is it possible for men to be holy, in accord with the will and character of God, without coming into harmony with the principles which are an expression of His nature and will, and which show what is well pleasing to Him?” {Great Controversy p. 471}

By Owen Bourgaize

When I hired a car on holiday I was given a diesel engine vehicle and was told by the car hire representative, "Be careful to fill up with diesel, not petrol, because if you put the wrong fuel in, it will foul up the engine and will have to cleaned out at considerable cost to you!" It’s the same with our lives. If we disobey what God intended, ignoring the Maker’s handbook, the Bible, we get the logical result, God’s rejection and condemnation.

c)The Bible is God’s hand-book on how to live the life

Jn. 6:53-57, 63

They are spirit and they are life.

Obviously it is God’s desire that we come into harmony with all His precepts. We are to receive the word, so that the word becomes a part of us and assimilate the word so that we may impart it to others. We are to live by everything that proceeds out of the mouth of God. This is what is meant by eating the flesh and drinking the blood of the son of God.

The Holy Spirit teaches the disciples to judge all things by the standard of truth, righteousness, and justice. The Holy Spirit comes upon the praying ones, for they will reveal whether or not he /she has been in connection with the Holy Spirit. They may have had advantages, more education, but this does not prove whether or not one has been with Jesus. When one has the fruit of the Spirit, when one has had a drastic change of character, when one has a burden for the lost souls of the world, when one has a burden for the sick, for the hungry, for the stranger in the land, he it is that is sanctified and is being sanctified.

The truth will go forth from one whose mind is stayed upon the word of God. One who loves the word and obeys the word of God he can’t but be transformed and informed to greater light. Those truths that have been unseen from the day of Pentecost will shine through in their pureness. Those truths that have faded from the mind and new truths will come to their attention by the Holy Spirit. For those who eat the flesh and drink the blood of the Son of God will bring from the books of Daniel and revelation truth that is inspired by the Holy Spirit. Their actions of love cannot be repressed.

For Witnessing:

D)Now that we have discovered in detail what is truth

And How to discern it let us discover what we are to do with it.

James 5:19,20;

We are to share the truth with others who are in error. For it has power to convert the sinner.

Many do not have the truth who are among us, many have no idea what is the truth as it is in Jesus. Who will tell them if we do not? God is looking for a people who are willing to labor by sewing seeds of truth to their family, and friends. Many are ignorant of the Bible truths.

What are some of these truths?

Examples: 8 “S” of some of the distinctive truths of the Bible

1. Salvation by Grace through faith- not cheap grace, works of faith

2. Second coming, a visible return of Christ; fallacy of secret rapture theory

3. Sanctuary ministry by Jesus in Heaven; judgment taking place right now

4. Sabbath law, seventh-day sabbath

5. Sanctification, on going process

6. State of the Dead,the dead are dead in their graves

7. Spiritual gifts-truth about tongues, prophecy

8. Stewardship-Tithe and offerings

There’s a story I read once about a man who was trying to cut costs, so he began to gradually substitute sawdust in the oats of his mule. Everything was fine for a period of time, and the animal was satisfied with sawdust. Then he died. We see the same in spiritual life. If we exchange truth with error in our’s and others lives it’s great for awhile.... but before you know it we and they are spiritually dead.(author unknown)


What shall I do Pastor?

It seems I have lost touch with God when it comes to Bible study. It seems that I do not receive insights and understanding of His Word like before. I am not at peace with my God. I have no sense of his will in my life. I want more of His Spirit, but I feel I don’t receive. Life seems dry, hopeless. What shall I do?

My answer would be to study God’s word for His truth and be willing to be changed when you know the truth; obey immediately; do not delay. We cannot receive new truth when we are not willing to obey old truth or truth that has already been revealed.

How hungry are we to have a genuine relationship with Him? God is more than willing to give us the Holy Spirit, but are we willing to obey at whatever the cost?

We must realize that we don’t know everything, we have a need to learn and to unlearn.

Yes, the truth has an effect upon our lives if we are willing to be changed by it. The purpose of the truth is to give us life; practical daily counsel to be guided by. However, if we do not put our trust in His word then we will not and cannot be led by the H.S. and know his voice.

The Holy Spirit is our assurance of life more abundant. God has sealed us with his holy spirit of promise.

Each one of us can have this assurance if we will but ask for the Holy Spirit- God indeed will give us of His Spirit.

i)We need to ever look into the mirror of God’s word to reveal if Christ still be in us or not.

ii) We need to ever make sure that we are putting the right fuel, the Bible in the mind.

iii) We need to ever make sure that we are not feeding on sawdust, the false doctrines of Satan, rather than the pure, unadulterated word of God- His Truth and the Life.

Appeal: My appeal to you is to hunger after the Holy Spirit and God’s truth at whatever the cost and be willing to obey it.