Summary: Building relationships with God and others is easier using God’s wisdom, understanding what’s most important in the relationship, and knowledge of God’s foundational truths.

Three Vital Relationship Ingredients

Through wisdom is an house builded;

and by understanding it is established:

And by knowledge shall the chambers be filled with all precious and pleasant riches

Proverbs 24:3-4

Three Essential Ingredients to Restore a Relationship


Having a broad perspective

Look beyond today’s troubles

Remember your current investment in the relationship

Seeing what’s under the surface

Discover the reasons for their reactions

Reassure them of your commitment


Responding to wisdom’s lessons

Purpose to find what God is trying to show right now

Allow emotions to come out under control

Determine insightful action

Since God doesn’t change, open your heart to Him

Since people may change, evaluate your proper response to them

Since we change, submit to God’s sifting work


Develop a teachable spirit

Be willing to hear and act on what God shows

Desire to discover new ways to implement God’s truths

Plan to take the time to adjust to changes

If we want to see what happens when we neglect God’s basics, just:

Watch the courtroom shows,

Listen to Dr. Laura,

Admission of the problem is the first step, and it’s usually the step not taken. When we let God back into life and give Him reign to change us, He usually will.