Summary: America is Experiencing Troubled Times A. Growing domestic unrest B. Growing violence in the streets C. Growing social unrest D. Threat of terrorism How to respond personally to all these disturbances?

Living in Troubling Times


Introduction: These last two weeks we have seen some very disturbing things happen around the world. We saw how ISIS planted a bomb on a Russian airliner and killed over 200 people, we say how ISIS attacked Paris France with multiple attacks and killed 130 and wounded over 300 people. This last week police in Belgium were able to kill the master mind behind these attacks. Also this last week we saw how terrorists killed 20 people in a hotel in Mali Africa. We indeed are living in troubling times!

Scriptures: 2 Chronicles 15:3-7

I. America is Experiencing Troubled Times

A. Growing domestic unrest

1. Breakdown of the family unite

2. Domestic violence

B. Growing violence in the streets

1. Gang wars

C. Growing social unrest

1. Rioting in the streets

2. Racial tensions

D. Threat of terrorism in America

II. How are We to Respond Personally to all these Disturbances?

A. How we are not to respond

1. We are not to become fearful: to hide in our homes, build bunkers

Example of the people of Paris

2. We are not to become discouraged

B. We are to be strong in the Lord’s strength

1. Get right with God: put God first, repent of sins

2. Learn to trust in the Lord: through prayer (Philippians 4:6)

3. Use God’s Word (Joshua 1:9; Psalm 23:4; Psalm 27:1, Isaiah 41:13)

4. Be united with other believers

C. We need to be strong in Wisdom

1. Be perceptive to danger in our families, to our homes, neighborhoods, nation

2. Be prudent to see danger and to prepare for it

Example of my preparing for winter

Example of allowing Syrian refuges come into our nation

Application: We need to elect a government that will protect us rather than be politically correct.

D. Be strong in our witness

It is not a time to be silent but to be bold in speaking out