Summary: Knowing the NOW Living the EDGE©

I'm always fascinated by 2 things about God...

1) Who is HE - Psalm 63

2) Where is HE - Psalm 139

Knowing God is very important in life.

The book of Romans chapter 2 talks about this matter quite clearly.

1 Peter 2 says that through the knowledge of Him we have Everything we need for life and godliness.

John says that Eternal Life is to know Him.

Haggai says that without knowledge people go astray.

Matthew 28 and Ephesians 4:11 says that making Him known is our duty.

Knowing the NOW Living the EDGE©

This is what our life is all about! What are you spending your time on?

Proverbs says, knowing the Holy One is understanding. The wise man says again that in all your getting, get understanding. And understanding comes through the knowledge of the Holy One.

Man has searched all his lifetime to know and understand his existence. He has literally gone to all the ends of the earth and now he seeks beyond his horizon to find life and in finding it to understand himself better. But, it's all in vain. If only he'd listen to his heart's cry into the unknown and to the invisible God!!

A certain man of God once said that there is a god shaped vacuum space within our hearts, which pushes us to seek, but we seek in the wrong places in vain. If only we were to seek God to find our answer to the question "who am I?" we would have been found long before and lived in the fullness of that knowledge.

to be continued...