Summary: Ingratitude Robs the Believer of God’s Blessings

1. 10 men forever unnamed

a. 9 were Jews – knew the Law

b. 1 was Samaritan – ½ Jew & half gentile

2. 10 men all blessed by God’s healing

a. 9 were robbed of the best by their ingratitude

b. 1 received everything Jesus wanted to give him

3. These men were considered under judgment

a. “stood afar off” – that’s what sin does

b. causes us to stand far away from God


A. Condition v. 12 10 men that were lepers

1. Leprosy & sin share many characteristics

a. small beginning – horrible end

b. walking dead men – no future; no hope

2. No answer from religion, medicine or society

a. hide it as long as possible

b. when it became unacceptable – banishment

B. Desperation

1. Who told them Jesus was coming?

a. Hidden away in their caves of death

b. HS whispers when desperation deepest

Leviticus 13:42-46

2. and they lifted their voices

a. Only Cry should have been Unclean!

b. One thing for certain – could not wait

i. until better; certain they could stay clean

ii. came as they were – w/o one plea!

C. Determination Jesus, Master, have mercy on us

1. Fearless in their going

a. ridicule

b. rejection

c. death

2. Specific in their Seeking - Mercy not Justice

a. Judgment was already theirs

b. Judgment is already ours –

John 3:18 (KJV)

He that believes on him is not condemned: but he that believes not is condemned already, because he has not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.

3. Obedient in their Acting

a. Faith that healing was theirs

b. Left lepers – Obey & then receive


1. Began their journey as dead men

2. Change – see it in each other – sores gone

a. fingers, toes, ear & noses – teeth

3. When God heals – he does not do it half way!!


A. Majority Decision

1. Thrill of healing gave wings to their feet

a. Laughter replaced the awful cry – Unclean!

2. Thoughts of home wife – children – friends

a. Farms & Business that needed rescue

3. 9 of the lepers went their own separate ways

B. An Individual Decision

1. Watched His Vanishing companions

a. looked back the way they had come

b. knew that Jesus was just over the hill

2. Turns and runs to Jesus

a. with a loud voice glorifies God

b. When God touches you TELL SOMEONE!

3. Didn’t care who saw him v. 16

a. fell down on his face at His feet giving thanks

b. Stands like - mountain tower over a molehill

i. Simple thanks recorded for eternity


A. Expectation of the Master

1. Not surprised at Samaritan’s return

2. Amazed that the other 9 did not return

3. More that he wanted to give them

B. Examination of their Motives

1. Really grateful but not demonstrative

a. Don’t want to put on a show

b. ‘Jesus knows that in my heart I’m shouting’

c. Possible to be thankful w/o saying

i. brings no joy – creates no bond

2. So Absorbed with their gift, forgot Giver

a. No argument they had rec’d great gift

b. So much they could do that couldn’t

3. Forgot both the Gift and the Giver

a. make up for lost time & missed opportunitie

b. minutes before need for healing absorbed

c. nothing could stop them from finding Jesus

4. Perhaps they took their Healing for granted

a. Luck – misdiagnosis – happen anyway

5. Felt they deserved to be healed

a. Jews – God’s chosen people

b. lot - deserved to be lepers – not them!

c. Disease brought them together w/Samaritan

i. did not want his company now

ii. what would others think? After all he was


A. Reality of His Healing

1. Jesus spoke wholeness to him

2. John 8:36 (KJV)

If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.

B. Security of His Healing

1. made you whole

a. sode-zos

i. deliver

ii. protect

iii. preserve

2. never again would he be a leper